You Don't Know Your Beautiful:A Cinderella story

When Ella Hillian, a half Irish half British girl goes to school for the first time since her dad died she regrets it. Ella's developed Leukaemia she's become one of the most insecure and shy people to go to her school. And her step mother and sisters abuse just makes it worse. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam she becomes, happier. And She has feelings for them.They all seem to have feelings for her too, even her cousin, Niall who she forgot existed a long time ago. Who will she choose? When will she choose. Will her sisters try to stop her?
These are the questions of Ella Hillion's
Cinderella story.



I wake up awaiting the school day. I wonder what kind of fun we'll have. What if it involves showing my bruises? That's ridiculous! How how would my bruises come in there.

I go into the school and see Zayn at the art room. We sit down with a drawing assignment.
"I herd your coming to our house, to have fun for a week." He says
"Ya, I would never pass up something as fun as to live with you guys for a week. Oh, by the way what will we be doing?"
"Well with Louis the tomo Tomlinson, you never know."

Next is English, and I have it again later with Liam. I think it's weird that this school has two class periods with the same topic.
Then By lingual class.
Dang it!

"Miss Hillion, you didn't get a chance to answer my question about languages. Do you mind to tell us?" Says the teacher. I stand up and start to talk.
"I know Arabic, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, English, and Irish,"
"Ya Buddy!" Niall screams after I say "Irish".
"But Irish was my first language." I say.

Class ends and we all walk for the cafeteria. All of us with a little extra pep in our step. And when we get to the table everybody is literally jumping with enthusiasm.
"We are going to have so much fun this week!" Screams Louis. We get our food and sit down. But I only got a soda.
"Ella, are you going to get more food?" Niall asks with a confused look.
"No I'm not that hungry." Then Niall turns me around to look him in the eyes.
"Who are you, and what have you done with my Ella." Niall says in a commanding tone.
"You used to eat three times your own weight."
"Fine I'll go get some food." I say walking up to the table with everything spread all over it. Eating is in the Horan blood, I kind of dropped it with my Leukemia. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around and see a boy with strait hair, that almost covers one of his eyes. It's Liam.

"You okay Ella?" He says.
"Y, ya I'm fine."
"You sure, is it that you can't?"
"Mmhm, I, I'm just not feeling to good."
"Oh, ok I understand." He says with a little bit of hurt in his voice. Then before I know it I wrap my arms around his waist.
"Thank you Lee." I say.
"For what?"
"For understanding." But I know he doesn't understand the truth, but to hear someone say it is enough.

I walk back to the table with Liam. The Period ends and I go to Carlisle, I tell her I'll be staying with the boys. She has an absolute melt down about it. And in the middle of her laughing. I go to algebra. Surprise, surprise Harry is there.

I sit next to him and he won't stop looking a me and like always I blush.
"Shy much, Red?" He says with a chuckle.
"Hardy, Har, Har. Very funny Harry."
And at the End of class Harry's hand extends and starts to rub my back. What the HECK HARRY!!

I go to History and there is Niall.
"You sure you have everything packed?" He says.
"Everything Nialler." I say.
Then he keeps whispering "Just a few more hours!" Under his breath.

I see Louis there. He jokes around with me. And says wired stuff about Carrots and superman.
Then in the middle of the teacher talking Louis hand comes down to my knee and he starts to rub it. I jump a bit. I didn't get this kind of behavior from Louis. I start shaking again. He reaches to the other side of me to grab something.
"We got a shaky one." He says starting a little giggle. Then his hand moves up my thigh and starts to tickle me. I resist the urge to crack up. What IN THE WORLD LOUIS'!!

I enjoy a peaceful time in my second English class with Liam. I get a few cheeky smiles that I enjoy. But other than that it was fine.

Gym time. I go to change into my track suit in the girls bathroom instead of the locker room because it has stalls so no one can see me. We're playing a form of dodgeball. That looked cool yesterday. Even thought its hard to breathe exercise is good for Leukemia patients. I get put on the team with Niall, Zayn, and Louis. Liam and Harry are on the other team. Louis comes up to me and the others.
"Let's destroy them, shall we!" He says putting his hand in the middle. We put our hands in aswell.
"1..2..3, CARROTS!!" Screams Louis and we throw our hands up.

The game begins and rubber balls come flying at us. Louis and I catch a few getting some people out. And Zayn and Niall are throwing getting more people out. But as I reach up to catch a ball, I leave my stomach wide open and,*BANG*! I drop to the ground realising I just got hit in the stomach with a hard piece of rubber. That's going to leave a mark in the morning. I walk to the other side of the gym and lean against the wall.

"You seriously didn't give me much of a challenge love." With a cocky smile on his face.
"Oh so you hit me, you little..." His finger goes on my lips.
"Language miss Hillian." He says "I know Niall's humour and he usually doesn't watch his mouth." I usually don't curse anymore. And I didn't even say what I was thinking of.
"Oh, just old Irish humour. I don't know why I haven't spoken like that since I was thirteen." I say.
"You spoke like that when you were thirteen!" He says surprised.
"Only around people I was comfortable with." I say. Then Harry puts his arm around me. I immediately tense up.
"Yes very Comfortable." He says.

The game ends and the girls go to there room in the gymnasium, while the boys go to another room outside the gym. One by one the girls leave. I go to the bathroom but the door was locked!
I can't go into the changing room. What if somebody was in there and saw me. I'll just strip out here and make a run for the showers.

I take off my track jacket to reveal a black camisole that stops at my torso. And my pants that cover black bootyshorts, the kind that almost look like underwear. I pick up my stuff. That went well, until I hear whistling behind me. The kind boys do when the see a hot girl. I turn around and see all of them. Niall, Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Liam standing right behind me.

"WOO, look at you!" Shouts Louis.
"Woof, woof! isn't there a rule that says you have to get canged in the room love!" Says Harry. But when they come closer they turn as white as ghosts.
"Oh my god Ella! Are you okay?!" Says Liam looking at me. I look down at all of my bruises, and part of my camisole has come up showing more bruises.
"Lord, Ella! What happened." Says Zayn. I feel a tear fall from my face.
"Ella. What. Happened." Says Niall in a calm voice. But before all the tears come falling out I run into the girls locker room. Of course no one is here. I hear footsteps behind me.
I guess the secrets out!
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