You Don't Know Your Beautiful:A Cinderella story

When Ella Hillian, a half Irish half British girl goes to school for the first time since her dad died she regrets it. Ella's developed Leukaemia she's become one of the most insecure and shy people to go to her school. And her step mother and sisters abuse just makes it worse. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam she becomes, happier. And She has feelings for them.They all seem to have feelings for her too, even her cousin, Niall who she forgot existed a long time ago. Who will she choose? When will she choose. Will her sisters try to stop her?
These are the questions of Ella Hillion's
Cinderella story.


2. New people

I stand in the doorway surprised. I haven't seen this kind of school since I was thirteen. I try to walk to my locker. All these people are so different. Some of them are laughing, shouting, or just sitting around. I grab my books out of my locker and look at the map, looks like I'm going to room .287.

I close my locker and when I turn I get bumped into. We both drop our books and fall. I hit my head and can't see for a second, when I can see again I see a boy.
"Are you alright?"Says the boy. I look down and my books are together again.
"Can you hear me?"He says grabbing my hand. I flinch a little.
"Ye, yes I'm ok."I say in a whisper.

The boy grabs me by the waist and pulls me to my feet. He bends down to grab both of our books and puts mine in my hands. I finally concentrate on him. He has a tan, dark hair, brown eyes.
"Hi, I'm Zayn. Zayn Malick. And what's your name?"
"Ella, Ella Hillian."
"Where you headed Miss Ella?"
"Room .287"
"Art my favourite. Well come on let's go."

I follow Zayn till we get to art. When we enter the classroom everyone stares. Zayn motions for me to follow him. We sit down at a table and I put my things underneath. I'm so glad the teacher didn't introduce me. After we're assigned clay projects Zayn starts staring at me and I blush. He leans in closer to whisper into my ear.
"You a shy lady?" He says keeping his face close to mine. And my face turns a deep red.
"That's what I thought." He says moving his face away.

My fingers start to shake."Your going to brake it that way."He says. Then he puts one arm around me and the other on my project, and it almost looks like he's cradling me. He alines my fingers in the right spots, I think.
"Their you go Ella." He says pulling away.
Before I know it, class is over and we set our projects out to dry.

Zayn's waiting at the door for me.
"We have English class next."

Zayn sat away from me in that class talking to four boys I obviously don't know.
And aperently me and Zayn are off to another class together.
"Off to by lingual class."
"Alright my Beautiful King."
"What." He says looking confused
"That's what your name means in Arabic. Doesn't it?"Zayn stares at me like I'm the first one to guess.
"I didn't know you spoke Arabic."
"Zayn I've known you for three hours that doesn't really come up in conversation."

We get to class and me and Zayn are separated again. We go through the whole class until...
"Class please welcome our new student. Fell free to ask any questions just not in class and young lady feel free to decline."
Before I can sit down...
"Young lady do you know any languages?"
"My friend here knows Arabic!"

I turn around and see Zayn smiling. Why did he have to do that.
"Did she find out your name Zayn!"Says a boy with curly hair.
Just then the bell rings. I rush out of the room. And Zayn Knows I'm upset.
"Listen Ella, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, but can we at least talk about this."
"I wish we could!"

I run away faster to my locker and shove my books in.
I wish I could talk to Zayn about this but how would he react. He probably wouldn't want to be around a girl who has Cancer.

I think I regret this. So many people and their cureousity, that's how rumers get started. So many people. Too many new people.

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