You Don't Know Your Beautiful:A Cinderella story

When Ella Hillian, a half Irish half British girl goes to school for the first time since her dad died she regrets it. Ella's developed Leukaemia she's become one of the most insecure and shy people to go to her school. And her step mother and sisters abuse just makes it worse. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam she becomes, happier. And She has feelings for them.They all seem to have feelings for her too, even her cousin, Niall who she forgot existed a long time ago. Who will she choose? When will she choose. Will her sisters try to stop her?
These are the questions of Ella Hillion's
Cinderella story.


3. My little Ella

Zayn's P.O.V

What just happened? I've only known Ella for four hours and she already doesn't trust me to talk to her. I mean I know she's shy, but give me a chance.
I look over to the lunch line were she is. I motioned for her to come sit with me. She just turns her head.

I sit down at the table with the boys at the lunch table and they know something is wrong.
"What's wrong Zayn?" Says Louis.
"This girl is avoiding me and when I tried to talk to her she yelled at me and ran away. Now she won't talk to me."
"Oo, silent treatment. It's always worse with girls." Says Liam
"Oh and Hazza thanks for the comment you made." I say with heavy sarcasm.
"Changing the subject, what are you going to do about this lady friend of yours." Harry says nudging me in the shoulder.
"Maybe I could talk to her." Says Niall.
"Go knock yourself out, but sometimes she gets nervous enough that she can't talk so don't push her." Niall just gets up and starts walking to her table.
You better not say or do anything stupid Niall.

Ella's P.O.V

A boy walks over to me and sits down at my table. It's one of Zayn's friends. Blonde hair, blue eyes.
I wonder what he wants. I keep the leftover hair from my pony tail on the side of my face so he doesn't see how red I am.

So what do I do. He said hello .Maybe if I speak in a different language he'll go away.
"Dia duit."
He just looks at me in shock.

Niall's P.O.V

This girl can speak Irish. I knew I liked her.
"Tá mé Niall cad is ainm duit."
(I'm Niall what's your name.)
"Is é mo ainm Ella Hillian."
(My name is Ella Hillian.)

Wait, what did she say? I look to the other side of her hair. Beautiful crystal blue eyes just like my aunt Óir. Before I can think I scoop her up in a big hug.
"Ní féidir liom a chreidiúint go bhfuil sé tú a Ella!"
(I can't believe it's you.)
The boys come up behind us.
"Niall put the poor girl down." Says Harry
I put her down but keep looking into her eyes.

All the boys sit down all around us .
"So who is our little friend here?" Asks Liam.
"This is my little Ella." I say
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