A Secret

its a secret read it ;D


4. Weird

I hoped that he would walk away and leave me alone. Instead, he followed me into my next class. I looked at him and said, "Can you go away? I dont even know you. Why the hell are you following me? Get away from me, you filthy creature."

He pushed me against the wall, and whispered in my ear, "Well, guess what, my princess? You are in a place full of wolves. If you dont want them to eat you up, let me eat you up first. If you try to go to the teachers, you can't do anything cause every boy here are from a rich family and a single complain from any one of us, the school will collapse. So you will listen to me and be mine, wont you?"

I shook my head and pushed him away. Thank god before I moved into the city, I had trained in the mountains. I looked at him and said, "Never. I will find my own way to stay alive in this school."

As he sat back up, I expected him to be mad, but he smiled and said, "My, my ,my, I've found an interesting toy this time." For some reason, hearing those words made me shiver and form goosebumps.

Then an angelic looking guy with green eyes and light brown hair came and said, "Jason, are you teasing the new guy? By the way, I'm Ace nice to meet you. How come you look kind of like a cute girl?"

I replied, "I am not a g--"

Jason cut in and said, "A girl. He does look like a girl, doesn't he? His father must have looked like a girl." He laughed.

I looked at his eyes and his eyes are giving me the look of 'shut up, if you say anything I'll make sure you will never appear on the surface of the earth again', and so I stayed silent.

When Ace walked away, Jason took me back to the principal's office and he and the principal explain to me the Princess Program of the school.


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