A Secret

its a secret read it ;D


5. Princess Program What?

"What the hell is going on?," I asked Jason as he dragged me into the principal's office, "Why did you keep me a secret from Ace?" All he did was set me down in a chair in front of the principal's desk and took a seat next to me. I knew something cheesy was going on.

The principal faced me and said, " Jessie, one week ago you signed a contract stating, 'I, Jessie Carter, shall attend Arrowsmith Academy starting September 9th, 2012. In return, the school will fund your mother's hospital bill.' and so on. In another part of the contract you signed it stated, 'I shall enter the newly established Princess Program of Arrowsmith Academy as the first participant. I will obey all the rules of this program written by the principal and the head of the student council---"

"I am the head of the student council," Jason interrupted with a smirk. I sat there in shock.

"Ahem," the principal cleared his throat. Then, he turned and faced me, "Did you not read the entire contract?"

"Uh....," I sighed. I thought about the day I signed the contract. I was too busy working for the money that would free my family of our enormous debt. I remembered just scanning through the contract. Now, I regretted it. How could I have missed such an important part of the contract?! "I didn't see that part. I disagree with the contract," I said.

"Disagree? You can't do that, miss. You can't back out of a contract. You will attend the Arrowsmith Academy for the next three years as a participant of the Princess Program," the principal stated, "Jason, please explain the Princess Program to this young lady."
"Yes, sir," he said, "The Princess Program is still a working progress. You are to pretend to be a boy on all school days and tell no one that you are a girl. You will follow all the rules and if you don't, we won't be paying for your mother's treatment. During occasional events, you will come out, dressed as a princess to entertain the boys who have been suffering in an all boys school. We will have someone prepare your costume and makeup."

"Isn't that a form of prostitution?," I glared at him.

"Not exactly. You won't be getting paid or anything," Jason said standing up, "Shall I show you out?"

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