A Little Coffee Can Go A Long Way

Hi! My names Jennifer Adams, Jenn for short. I'm not a big coffee lover, but my friends finally convinced me to go with them to Starbucks. Just one little trip to Starbucks can change your life forever. It can be a good change. or a bad one. You'll just have to read to find out if it's good or bad ;)


7. The Party Bus

After the call with Izzy, I decided to call the boys and tell them her. "Hey Louis!" I said when he picked up. "Hey Jenn! How are you?" I'm good, how are you?" "Pretty good. So, what do you need?" "My friend Izzy who lives in Italy called saying that she is coming to live in London, and we need to pick her up from the airport." "Don't worry, we can pick her up when we come to pick you guys up." "Thank you so much! Can't wait to see you!" " I can't wait to see you either love!" When does her plane land?" "In about an hour, I think." "Ok see you then!" "See ya Lou!" **End Phone Call** "So, what now?" Abi asked after I told them about it being ok with the boys about picking Izzy up. "Let's go play with Cookie." I suggested. (Cookie is the name if my cocker spaniel) "Ok that sounds good." The said in unison. "Ok seriously, how do you guys know what each other is gonna say, and then say it in unison?" I asked them. "I have absolutely no idea." Lauren said. "Oh well, the world may never know!!" I screamed and ran down the stairs to Cookie. The others followed closely behind. We went and played with Cookie outside in my backyard until my little sister Alice came and told us that the boys were here. We got in the car, and it was a very tight squeeze. Harry was driving, Zayn was in the passenger seat, I sat on Louis' lap, Niall sat next to Louis, with Liam next to Niall, Abi, Megan, and Lauren sat in the back, with an extra seat next to Lauren for Izzy. "Everyone ready?" Harry called from the front. There was choruses of "Yeah's" "Yes's" and then theres me, "Yepperoonie and Cheese!" "Yepperoonie and cheese?" Zayn asked from the front. "Yes." I simply stated. "Ok then." Harry said from the front. "Can we turn on some tunes?!" Lauren yelled from the back. "Yeah, lets have a party bus!" Abi yelled. "PARTY TIME!!" Niall screamed. Zayn turned on the radio and it just so happens Live While We're Young was on. We danced (the best we could, considering we were in a car) and partied all the way to the airport. When we got in Megan suggested we text Izzy and tell her that we are here. Abi got to it and texted Izzy saying we were there. "She said she's at Gate 25." "Well, lets get there, her plane lands in about 10 minutes. When we got there, there was Izzy standing by her luggage. She ran over to Megan, Abi, and I and said "Guys, I'm back."
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