A Little Coffee Can Go A Long Way

Hi! My names Jennifer Adams, Jenn for short. I'm not a big coffee lover, but my friends finally convinced me to go with them to Starbucks. Just one little trip to Starbucks can change your life forever. It can be a good change. or a bad one. You'll just have to read to find out if it's good or bad ;)


11. The Horrors of Megan

"Were so screwed" I say the truth out loud "Wait where's Megan?" Liam says and I relize  she isnt back from vistig her mum. The girls start saying things like "she was in the room and then she wasn't there" I shif underneath Louis. He pulls me away so he can look at me. "Jenna, where is she?" I turn and look at everyone. "I can't tell you guys I'm sorry by Megan has to this on her own" "What are you talking about?" Liam says, he looks like he wants to cry. "She's fine Liam. I can tell you she's ok, but she has to be with her mum right now" "Oh my god you don't mean!" Lauren says with her hand covering her mouth. I nod in response. I start to cry. Lauren and Abi come over and were in a group hug crying. "Will some please explan what's going on?" Harry says and the guys agree. "I will" Abi says, "Megan and her mum got into a car crash a few weeks back, so Megan comes here every day to see her mum. Most of the time she doing better and then she's not, but for awile now her mums been doing better" I see Lauren texting someone, she types in a room number I reconize it's Megan's mum's room. She sends the message, a few seconds later Liam gets a text. He mouths thank you to Lauren, and hes gone down the hall. "Where's he going?" Louis asks "To see her" I respond.  

Megan's POV:
I'm sitting next to my mum, when my brother Charlie walks in carrying coffee. "Charlie! How are you I haven't seen you for two weeks!" "Shhh Meggs you'll wake mum" I walk up and take my coffee and hug him. "I've missed you little brother" After I said that the monitor  started to beep like in the movies to inform you that the person is dead. "NURSE! SOMEONE! ANYONE!" The doctors come running in rushing us out. "MUM!" "Charlie come on they get her back" A nurse comes  and directs us to a private room. "Meggs, what's gonna happen to mum?" "They'll probably put her back on to life support" I pull out my phone and text the girls, I figured they be still with Izzy. 

A Louis answer: Were on our way. We got kicked out of izzys room. Have you seen Liam? He went looking for you. 
Me: Sorry no and the boys and you can come but please respect me after this but could you stay out of the room.... Sorry but don't ask.
Louis: Sure of course
Me: Jenna picked a good one 
Ten minutes later the girls came in. "Megan are you alright?" "I'll be alright, Charlie isn't though" "Oh Megs!" my brother and I are pulled into a group hug. "I'll be alright I always am. I'm gonna head to the loo" I get a round of okays and my brother rubs my back before I leave. I walk remembering the boys are standing outside the door. "Megan! Are you okay?" They'll all come over asking the same questions. "I'm fine, I'm always fine. It's my brother who isn't. I see you found Liam, that's good. I'm heading to the loo. So you guys can go in now" They all give me small hugs before, they head in. "Megan its alright to cry you know" "It actually isn't Liam. I'm suppose to be the strong one! I've always been the strong one for my family! Even when my dad died I had to the strong one!" I just walk away into the bathroom. I look at my self, I look the same for earlier but my makeups a little runny. I wipe off the make up and head back to the room. When I walk in I head over by my brother and pull him  into a hug. "Why is it always us Megan? Why isn't anybody else?" "I don't know Charlie I don't have a clue. We've lost so much and now were gonna have to deal with it" Jenna walks over to us and pulls me up from my seat and has me sit in her lap, and Charlie lays his head in my lap again. "Megan I'm so sorry you and Charlie can move in with us, you know my mum loves you both" "I know Jenna I know" 
The doctor comes back in. "Megan, Charles, I'm sorry inform you both. Your mother has passed away" "Can we see her?" "Yes you may" "Come on Charlie lets go say goodbye" I stand up and take my brothers hand, and I pull Jenna's hand to she takes it and we walk to my mums room. 
"Mummy" I walk towards her side. "Mummy, I promise you I'll take care off Charlie, I promise you. I love you so much mum. I know you loved us too" I get up and walk back too the room. "Megan! What are you doing back here!" "I can't be in there Lauren , I just can't!" The girls pull me into a hug, I don't hug back I just slip to the ground and cry. "I can't do this anymore! I just can't! I start sobbing. "Some take the pain away! I can't handle it! It hurts to breathe" Both the girls and the boys are standing there in shock because I've heald it togeather so well.  "Wheres Jenna Megan?" "With my brother, she can take care of him more then I can right now" I start to sob again this time more harder than the last time. "Someone do something!" I could tell it was Liam who said that. "We can't we she always shoved everyone's help away when it came to death" I could tell its Abi who's talking. "But there has to be something you guys can do, or some pill she can take!" "Stop shouting! Just stop shouting both of you! Theres isn't a pill I can take the doctors tried that when I was fourteen and it didn't work!" I feel someones body next to mine "Megan there has to be something we can do" "Hold me" I'm pulled into a hug by Liam and everyone leaves the room. "I know this might not be something you wanna hear right now, but I like you Megan Ive always liked you" "Liam we just met today" "No we went to middle school together and part of high school. I moved after freshman year" "I remember you now" I look up and he's smiling, I turn my head and look at the door again. I feel his lips on my head, he places a small kiss on the top of my head. "Thank you Liam" "For what?" "For taking the pain away" He kisses my head again and pulls me up and we walk out of the room togther.

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