A Little Coffee Can Go A Long Way

Hi! My names Jennifer Adams, Jenn for short. I'm not a big coffee lover, but my friends finally convinced me to go with them to Starbucks. Just one little trip to Starbucks can change your life forever. It can be a good change. or a bad one. You'll just have to read to find out if it's good or bad ;)


19. Some people may suprise you when you least expect it

Liam's P.O.V
I went strait for the perfect shop after I got in the mall. First I had to text Louis to make sure she didn't already have it. 

To Louis: Does Jenna have an iPhone? 

I waited for him to answer as I walked towards the Apple Store. I almost got there and I got a text from Louis. 

From Louis: No, only Lauren has an iPhone.

To Louis: Ok. 

I got into the store and remembered Megan's birthday. I should get her an iPhone too. Lauren's the only one who has one so, why not? I got Jenna a white one and Megan a black one. That's the color of their iPods and they liked having things that match. I paid for them and then got them each a case. Blue one for Jenna and a purple one for Megan. I walk out of the store and theres the girls. 

"Heyy Liam" Megan comes and gives me a hug. "Are you looking for Niall?" Abi asked. "Yeah sorta" "We left him at wetseal" Lauren point behind them. "Whats in the bag Liam?" "Oh just bluetooth suff for the boys and my iPhones" "Oh well now I guess you can have a bluetooth party" In the mean time Megan and I were talking all the boys came and found us. We were heading towards the second floor. Megan was walking fast and she turned back to look at us and she had a face that made her look like her mum just died. I tried to catch up with her but I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Leave her Liam she'll talk when she's ready" "But she so sad Jenn, anyone can see that. Tell me whats wrong with her?" "She'll tell you when shes ready Liam" "But Jenn" "No buts your her rock, she needs to be her own rock. The girls, the boys and I can tell your the only one who didn't tell their girl friend they were heading back to write a new album in a month Liam!"   

Zyan's Pov:
I still haven't got anything for Jenn then I get a text saying that Megan's birthday is coming up too! God I'm so screwed! I lean down and whisper to Izzy "I'm sorry I have to leave right now, but I need to go buy some suff. Please forgive me?" "Yeah go ahead Zyan. Plus I'm the only who figured out why you guys are hear in the first place" I give her a don't blow my cover look, and I head to Topshop. I do a full 360 scan of the shop to make sue theres no one who can bust out the secret of our party shopping mission. All clear. I head over to the dress rack and I spot a lace dress Megan will love, it's a Burnout Lace Tunic dress, I also get her the Charmed Booties By CJG the white-ish rose-ish color. Now on to Jenn.  I pick out MOTO Blue Denim Biker Jacket, and I also pick out the Tall Stripe Bardot Crop shirt of course in blue and white stripes to match Louis. I check out and head out of the mall to my car and stash the bags in my trunk, run back in. 

Megan's Pov: 
I head to the second floor. I bump in someone I turn and say sorry. "EM!" "MEGS!" "How have been em?" "Oh I've been fine" "Do you still hang out with the rest of our family?" She laughs, my friends and I had made this family chart up in middle school, so now we play along with it or we make jokes about it."Yeah I do, I came with them, the whole family" Shes pointing forward. I have a huge smile on my face. Kimberly spots me and shakes Cheyanne in my direction.

They scream and run and hug me. "I've missed you guys so much!" I'm crying there crying and the rest of the 'family' is coming over. I wipe away my tears, and  hug my 'son' Tony, my 'ex husband' Wyatt, and my 'current/ex-husband' Patrick who I also dated in eighth grade. "I've missed you all so much! How long has it been?" "Two months sense anyone has heard from you Megan" "Oh my god has it been that long Patrick?" Everyone nods. "Well now I can make up for it! I have to go to Tiffany's" "Is it finally time for a black diamond?" "Yes, yes it is Patrick" I link arms with him and we walk and talk about old memories, and whats has happen too, I tell him that I have a new boyfriend, and that my mum died. 

We head in the store, I look around and head over by the the diamonds. "Hello how may I help you?" The lady looks like she in her mid twenties. "Hello, I'm currently look for a small black diamond charm like the ones on my necklace" "Oh you must be Megan Marvel" "Yes, why I am" I look at her and give a do you stalk me on the weekends look?

She turns around and pulls out a box that has all the wicked colors in gems and there the same charms like on my neck. A gem, with a chain link in the middle of top and gold accents to make the charm go center. "Your mother told me when she bought you the necklace and the charms to keep on hold all of them and make sure only my daughter may have them" "Oh my god. I shall take the center one" I one I picked was not the black diamond that I was going to get the charm I picked out was Elphaba's hat or the wicked witches hat with emeralds along the brim of it, attached to the hat is Glinda's wand with a diamond on the top to make it look like the real wand. 

"Thank you! How shall I pay and how does charm set work?" "Your mother put a full down payment on them all so you can leave with it on. She told me when your ready for a new charm you can come in and pick it out. I hope you do know it's been almost three years since you've been in this store?" "I bet it has thank you Lizzy" "Your welcome Megan" I smile and walk towards Patrick and the others "Well not the one I wanted to get but it's better and perfect" They all look at it in awe. 

I get a text from Liam:
Liam<3: Where are you? Were all gonna leave soon

Me: I'm on the second floor with some old friends, there not really old I just lost touch after the car crash

Liam<3: Ok, do you need me to come and get you?

Me: No, I'm gonna hang out with them for while. Do you mind if I bring them by the house later?

Liam<3: No, not at all. I'l tell everyone else the plans

Me: Thank you Li! Love you!

Liam<3 No problem, Love you too Megs 

"What are you guys doing later?" "I've got work at the coffee shop" "Ok that sounds like a fun afternoon Patrick" "I'm helping him too Megan sorry" "It's ok Tony" "Mum troubles" "Ok Chey don't even try to get out of that I know you mum" "I have to home by three and we all now it take me an half to get home and it' 2:08 so I gotta run now" "Bye Kim" I hug her and everyone else who has to leave. "So what to you up to then?" "Nothing, so I'm free" "Wanna come over to place and meet everyone?" "Everyone?" Emily raises her eye brow at me "You'll see em, you'll see" We head out of the mall and into my car. On the way back to the house we talk about everything even from how my mum died to Liam and his friends, who I did not mention there names. 

She even tells me that she is dating Wyatt her ex from seventh grade. When we get to the house, she freaks out. "Megan! It's huge" I laugh at her "I know em, but I love it and everyone loves it too" We walk in and theres no noise. "Everyone should be home, I'll look around" We walk into the kitchen I grab a knife and so does Emily. "BOO!" I scream and Louis is just standing by the door smirking at us. "LOUIS! YOUR GONNA PAY! YOU HEAR ME!" "Ya what you gonna do about it?" I drop my knife and run after him, he starts running away from me but he trips over my shopping bags and he darts up the stairs, I catch up to him and grab him by the next and take him down stairs. 

"Em, Louis. Louis Emily. Now do you remember what I taught you on how to control someone by your neck?" She nods while smirking and grabs him by his neck like I was. "Thank you. Now Lou tell me where everyone is or I kill the carrots and the marble counter top" "Ok, ok, there hiding. Jenn and Abi are in her room acting like there getting ready for some play, Izzy and Zyan are hiding outside, Harry is out getting food for everyone, Niall is music writing down stairs in the sound room, and Liam said not to come looking for him" 

"God! Em let him go, I give up you boys are gonna pay if I get pissed. How about coffee shop family meeting there if they scare us again?" "I agree mommy" "Mommy? Megan is she your real kid?" "NO! Louis she is four days older then me so no way is she my kid, it's a long story" Emily is laughing Louis is acting like he's just seen a ghost. "I'll get the charts" "The charts?" "God Lou loosen up! She's not my kid!" I take my bags up to my room and come back down with a box full of all the charts and the pictures from middle school and high school. After Louis looks at everything he understands. "Get it now Lou?" "Yes I'm sorry I thought you were her kid Emily" "It's ok Louis, I understand. Everyone freaks out when they here I'm her kid" Emily's pointing at me and grinning. "Come on lets go have our family meeting" "Ok mommy, bye Louis" "Bye Emily" Emily walks in front of me and I call back to Louis "Hey Lou if anyone wants to know I'm going to be at the coffee shop down the road" "OK MEGAN! HAVE FUN I'LL TELL LIAM!" God Lous so annoying, but he's like my older brother.

Liam's Pov:
I come down stairs after placing Jenn and Megan's iPhone by their sinks. Louis is cleaning up knifes and carrots on the counter top. "Louis, um what happened?" "Ask your girlfriend" He sounded pissed "Lou whats the matter" "Well Liam I scared Megan and her friend Emily, who may or may not be her kid" "HER WHAT!" I must have looked angry because Louis quivered when I yelled. He pointed at a box full of pictures and some type of old charts. I look through a few of them, most of them are a group shots of the same people over and over. It hit me that this was the family chart Megan and her 'Family' were known for in middle school and high school. 

"Louis where did Megan go?" He looks like I he's deciding if he should tell me or not. "Lou come on tell me, It's really important I know where she went" "Fine I'll tell you but only for her sake" He crossed his arms along his chest. "She went to the coffee shop down the road" I started walking out of the kitchen, but I feel Louis's hand on my arm "Liam, she needs to be her own rock" "Jenn, said the same thing earlier today, whats going on what have you been talking about with Jenn about?" "We were talking about you and Megan. Do you even know anything about her Liam? Do you know why she went off today? I do everyone else does" "I want to protect her from her 'Family" I put air quotes around family. "Liam, your worse then Harry, he got to know everything about Lauren before he got into her pants!" "I LOVE HER LOUIS!  I love her ok, if it means I'm in love with everything I know about her then so be it" Louis looks shocked, I turn to the right and theres everyone else. "Go find her Liam" Jenn says smiling. 

Megan's Pov:
When Emily and I get to the coffee shop, Wyatt' sitting down waiting for us Tony's just getting on his break, Patrick's no where in site, and my 'dad' Adain is sitting next to Wyatt. "Em save me a seat I'm gonna go look for your dad" She nods and heads over by Wyatt and Adain. I head to the back room and theres Patrick's mum. "Mrs. Mc' Gill?" She looks at me and smiles "Hi Meg, is still all right that I call you Meg?" "It's perfectly alright, Mary. Is it still ok to call you Mary?" "Yes it is fine, are you looking for my son?" "Yes, have you seen him?" "He's getting cookie dough out of the freezer, if you want your family can help make cookies with him" "You remember the chart?" I looked shocked but Mary seems so happy that I'm back "I do, I remember how happy it made all of you to have your little family" "It did or it still does I guess. Thanks so much Mary" I hug her and head to the freezer to help Patrick.  

I step into the freezer and I pick out the cookie dough by the door I figured, it was the cookie dough he was going to use so I took it along with the flower to the table Mary left for the cookie making. I set everything up so I can start rolling out the dough. "Megs, you didn't have to do that" I turn and Patricks frowning at me with cookie cutters in his hands and more flour. "Well don't frown your blue eyes aren't going to get the better of me today!" He laughs I smile and start rolling out more dough. He comes over and sets everything down and helps roll out more dough. "Patrick you know that wicked's going to be in town next week I was wondering if you wanna come with me? I just thought because you were there the last time my mum was there and I have cousins are going to be there too and I would like too have you there because I don't want to be alone when her favorite song, and her favorite lines are sung and spoken" I can't look at him, I stare at the cookie dough and I see a tear fall on to the cookie dough. "Megan I will go with you, I know how much it's means to you, I would love to accompany you" I look up and jump in his arms, he's caught of guard for a few seconds but he regains his posture. "Thank you Patty" I kiss him on the cheek. I turn and theres Liam standing by the door, I try to say something but nothing comes out. He leaves, I don't want to chase after him. But I feel like I should but I don't. "Meg aren't you going to chase after him?" "Why should I Patrick. It's not like were dating. Jenn is right I need to be my own rock" "Ok, but I'm not sure thats what she meant but ok" 

Liam's Pov: 
I get into the house and I start to tear up, not just because Megan kissed Patrick. It's more because she didn't come after me to say she's sorry. I get into the house I head to the front living room and sit by my self. Everyone else is in the back living room that connects with the kitchen and some bed rooms. Harry, Louis, and Jenn come in laughing about something, there heads turn to look at me. Jenn comes running over to ask whats going on. "Jenn, she kissed him. Her ex right in front me. She didn't even come after me when I left" "Liam that doesn't sound like her at all" "You should have seen her when I saw her it like she had no pain towards me seeing her at all" Jenn is staring at me like shes trying to figure out something. "Liam, mate that doesn't sound like her. Jenn's right it's not her" Just like on queue she comes in thanking some one for driving her home. Harry disappears, seconds later you hear a punch being thrown. Then you hear Megan screaming for him to stop and she says she's sorry to the person that dropped her off. She slammed the door and comes in dropping her suff on the floor. 

"HARRY WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! THAT WAS THE CLOSES THING TO A DAD I GOT AND YOU JUST COME OUT OF THE LIVING ROOM AND PUNCH HIM!" "Well maybe you shouldn't have kissed him then!" Harry fires back at her. "I DIDN'T KISS HIM! JUST BECAUSE YOUR HARRY FUCKING STYLES DOENST MEAN YOU CAN GO AROUND PUNCHING PEOPLE!" Megan's ring tone blares through out the whole room silencing us. "Just great what I need right now!" She doesn't sound pleased with the caller "Hi grandma, how are you? That's great, your in Paris of course you are it's two weeks before summer ends. I know I will be in New York in two weeks. Yes Charlie will be there as well. Will Tomas, Nate, Diana, Will, Lizzie, and cousin June be there for the summer as well? They are that's great! Thank you grandma tell grandfather I love him as well and tell him I heard of the new business deal I believe it's a great deal for Bass Corp. Love you too! Bye!" That was all we heard from her conversation with her grandma. "So what the hell is going on here now?" "You should know you kissed someone else and didn't come after me to say your sorry and it won't ever happen again. What kinda girlfriend does that?" I spat the last part at her, I don't have the nerve to look at her. She starts laughing. I look at her so does Louis, Harry, and Jenn. They all look at her like shes lost it. "Haha that's funny. I love how you assume I'm your girlfriend and I have to run after you. You never asked me out Liam so I don't have to run after you unless I want to too" "So you kiss me and tell me you love me and other things as well, and you don't think I will not call you my girlfriend?" 

"Liam I don't know what I feel I only know that I'm not your girlfriend because you never asked me. I told you I love you because that's how I felt at the time. But now I realize I only said that because I was in grieve! I kissed Patrick on the cheek because it was my way for thanking him for agreeing to come with me to Wicked instead of you. I choose him because he knows what song was my mums favorite, what lines were her favorites, so forgive me but I didn't want to sit in a theatre crying and running out with you chasing after me! All of you have been walking around in your tipy toes trying your best to not say the wrong things around me, trying not to get in the way when I cry just because its easier to get Liam to have me clam down! I went to hang out with my friends who I shut out for two months because of my mum! SO IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM I WANT TO HANG OUT WITH THOSE WHO KNOW WHAT TO DO TO MAKE ME SMILE AND LAUGH, AND THOSE WHO KNOW NOT TO SAY STUPID SUFF ABOUT MY DEAD FAMILY MEMBERS! I'm done I'm fucking done ok I'm leaving and going home, as for the rest of you don't plain on coming to Wicked, or to New York with me this summer" she point at the girls in the door way. "Jenn you can come always let me know who choice the day before Wicked" 

"Megan this isn't you!" I yell at her. "Oh Liam you doing know who I am when I'm not grieving! I'm leaving so I'm sorry but good bye ill text you when Im ready to come home" She grabs her suff off the floor and starts to walk out "Oh and stay away from my closet I will know if anything is missing, believe me I will" then she's gone. "Now were screwed so bad!" "Your right Zyan" Jenn says talking to Zayn "I don't even know what I can do to fix her, all we need to know is cancel 'Us Weekly', 'Hello', and 'People'  because when she's in New York she gets in to every copy through out the whole summer" Jenn says I think about calling but I won't. "Jenn who are her grandparents that live in New York?" I had to ask it was killing me to ask "Chuck and Blaire Bass" she states. 

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