A Little Coffee Can Go A Long Way

Hi! My names Jennifer Adams, Jenn for short. I'm not a big coffee lover, but my friends finally convinced me to go with them to Starbucks. Just one little trip to Starbucks can change your life forever. It can be a good change. or a bad one. You'll just have to read to find out if it's good or bad ;)


9. Park Party

When we got to the park, Izzy and Abi were bouncing in their seats. "Alright guys calm down! We're here!" Harry said as he turned off the car. I opened up the door and Izzy ran out of the car. I hopped off of Louis' lap and ran towards the swings. "Come on Louis!" He caught up to me and I grabbed his hand, and pulled him to the swings. "Looks like Harry and Lauren are getting along real well." Louis said to me. "Yeah, I'm guessing by the time we're done here, they'll be together." I told him. "Yeah, here get on the swing and I'll push you." Louis said holding on to swing. "Ok." I sat down and he started pushing me. Eventually Megan and Abi came up and made a heart with their hands around Louis and I. "Don't you guys have anything better to do?" I asked them. "Like what?" Megan asked. "Like maybe, hang out with Liam and Niall because I know you like them!" I yelled the last part so Liam and Niall could hear it. Niall and Liam looked over at them and their faces got really red. "You'll thank me later." I told them. "So, do each of you like your own member of the band." Louis asked me. "Uh, yeah. Lauren likes Harry, Izzy likes Zayn, Megan likes Liam, Abi likes Niall, and I like you." I kissed Louis' cheek on the last part. "Well, then we have to get them together don't we?" He asked. "Why yes we do." All of a sudden we heard a branch snap and then Izzy screaming. We got up and ran over to her. "What happened?" Liam asked. "I don't know, Izzy and I were climbing the tree and the branch she was on just fell." Zayn said. "Paul! We could use some help over here!" Niall called. Yes, One Direction's bodyguards came, why wouldn't they? Paul and the rest of the bodyguards came over and looked at Izzy's leg. "Looks like she fell on it wrong." One of them said. "We need to get her to a hospital." Paul said. Zayn picked Izzy up and we all got into the cars and drove to the hospital. 

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