A Little Coffee Can Go A Long Way

Hi! My names Jennifer Adams, Jenn for short. I'm not a big coffee lover, but my friends finally convinced me to go with them to Starbucks. Just one little trip to Starbucks can change your life forever. It can be a good change. or a bad one. You'll just have to read to find out if it's good or bad ;)


18. Mission Presents

Louis' P.O.V
Me and the boys were going to the mall to get Jenna a birthday present, since her birthday was in three days. "Alright boys, we will split up and use our phones to take pictures of things you think she would like and send them to me." I unlocked the doors and got out. "What if we see the girls?" Zayn asked. "Well, we will only tell Lauren, Megan, Izzy, and Abi. They could help us find stuff." Liam said. He always comes up with good ideas. "Alright meet at the food court when you find something." "Good luck boys!" Harry said walking away. When I got in the mall heading strait for Forever 21 knowing it was her favorite store. I saw the girls walking towards it and I knew it could be bad. I saw Niall walking towards a jewelry shop nearby. I texted him saying distract them. He looked at his phone then looked around for me. He saw me and walked towards them "Hey girls! What you doin here?" Niall called to the girls. "Oh we're just shopping." Abi said. "What are you doing?" "Oh just shopping and looking for the boys." "Do you want us to help you look for them?" Izzy said. Probably hoping to find Zayn. I snuck into Forever 21 quickly before they could find me. I started looking around and I heard Jenna's voice, "I just war to see if they have a pair of shoes in my size! I'll be right out!" She came in ran towards the back of the store. I secretly followed her using clothing racks. "Ugggggg! Too much money!" She put back a pair of shoes and ran back to her friends. I looked around to see if the coast was clear and I ran up to the sparkly green tennis shoe heals. I paid for them and went to the food court. 

Niall's P.O.V
After Jenna came out of Forever 21 we went to other stores. "Let's go to Wet Seal!" Megan asked. "Ok." Izzy said. It felt weird shopping with girls but I got to see what Jenna would like. "OMG!" Megan and Jenna said in unison. They ran into the store with Abi, Lauren, and Izzy trailing behind them. Once they all got in, they went crazy. All I could hear was: "Look at these tops!" "Omg that would look good at-" "I know right!" It was really funny. " I'm going to go buy this." Jenna held up a green high-low top and started heading towards the cashier. "Wait, what about this blue high-low top you wanted?" Abi asked holding up the shirt. "I can't get both, I'll have to get that one later. And besides, I can wear this one to Wicked." She paid for her shirt and the other girls paid for their things and headed out of the store. "Niall, you coming?" Lauren asked. "No, you guys go on without me, I have something I need to do. I'll be back soon." The girls left and I went into the store. I grabbed the blue shirt and remembered Megan's birthday was coming up soon to. I grabbed her a matching purple shirt, payed for them and headed for the food court.

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