A Little Coffee Can Go A Long Way

Hi! My names Jennifer Adams, Jenn for short. I'm not a big coffee lover, but my friends finally convinced me to go with them to Starbucks. Just one little trip to Starbucks can change your life forever. It can be a good change. or a bad one. You'll just have to read to find out if it's good or bad ;)


16. Making Fun of Them

Jenn's Pov: 

I wake up in my room with Louis next to me and Harry on the floor. "What the heck?" "I need sleep shut up Jenn" I turn and look at the clock it's almost two! "GUYS GET UP IT'S ALMOST TWO!" "Fine I'm up, I'm up!" "Thank you Harry, LOUIS GET UP!" "I'm up I'm" "Hey, let's go freak out Liam and Megan about there conversation last night" "Yes, great idea love" "Thanks Louis" "Harry? Want to or not?" "Yes I would love to" We all have smirks on our faces. I run to the door and down stairs the boys are right behind. I sit on the couch. Louis and Harry sit right next to.

"What are we watching?" Megan gasps. "JENNIFER ADAMS! It's our favorite show!" "OMG! IT IS! What season is it on?" Season two. I've made everyone sit down and watch it" Haha you would. Eww it's Mason!" "I KNOW!" Louis whispers in my ear. "What about the plan?" "You ask. I'm watching this" "Fine" I smile at him. "Hey Megan, Can I ask you question?"

"If it's about the show, then no because you weren't here through out all of season one so no questions about the show." "It's not. My question is. Is it true about the ten inches?" Her and Liam turn and look at him. "Excuse me?" "I said is it true about the ten inches?" "You were listening in on us!" She get up and throws a disc box at Louis head. Every one busts out laughing. "It's not my fault blame Harry and Jenn too" "JENN! HARRY! HOW COULD GUYS!" "Chill Megs thats all we heard"

"Thank god" She sits back down and lays her head in Liam's lap. "That's not all we heard this morning. LIAM. MEGAN." Zyan says She throws another disc box at his head to. "At least I have a sex life unlike all of you in this room" "MEGAN! TMI!" "Sorry but you've made me angry" "Sorry Meggie" "I'm sorry for yelling at you Jenn" "I have a sex life Megan!" "Harry! TMI" She says looking shocked at him. "What's it's no secret Lauren and I have done it before" Now Lauren throws her shoe at him. "Hey lets all go in circle and tell everyone what we've done with our girlfriends and boyfriends" "Louis!" Everyone tells me to shut up and they agree with Louis. "Megan goes first or I'm not playing.

Megan's Pov:
"Fine. So Liam and I have been in a heated kissing session, and I've given him a blow job" I look down and I can tell my face is really hot. Liam pulls my face up and kisses me. "Harry your turn" 

Harry's Pov: 
"So Lauren and I have done it twice now, and we've had kissing sessions" "JENN YOUR TURN" 

Jenn's Pov:
"God Harry you don't need to yell. Louis and I have had kissing sessions and that's it" Abi your turn"

Abi's Pov:
"Niall and have only kissed. Zyan your turn"

Zayn's Pov:
"I've only kiss Izzy's cheek good bye, but shes coming home tomorrow!" 

Jenn's Pov:
Yay we all say at different times. Megan asks "Why was she in the hospital for a month any way? I thought she just broke her leg" "She did Megs and cracked her heal bone her dad wanted her in hospital until it was completely healed. It was the only compromise we could think of, to let her stay here in London" 

"Ahhhhhhhh, at least shes staying and she's coming here to live tomorrow" "I know. I'm so happy she better. Who wants dinner" "WE ALL DO!" Niall says. Everyone gets up and walks into the kitchen. An hour later there enough food for like thirty people. I can tell the boys are happy that us girls made all of the food. We take the food back into the living room to eat. 

Megan's Pov: 
I put chicken and pasta onto my plate, and walk out into the living room I go and sit on the couch next Liam, he has chicken, noddles, and a small bit of pasta on his plate. "Liam save my spot I'm gonna go put pjs on" He nods and run up stairs and pull my skinnys off and put pj shorts. I come back down all the foods gone. I don't really mind because I wasn't that hungry. I sit down and see Abi's on the floor, I felt bad so I moved to sit in Liam's lap.

"Niall Move over a little, Abi take Niall's spot" "Thanks Megs" "No prob" Liam puts and arm around my waist and a arm on my knee. In a few minutes I feel his hand move up my leg. I turn and look at him, hiss eyes are still facing the tv likes nothings going on. "Liam, what are you doing?" "I whisper in his ear. He whispers back "Returning the favor, just stay quite. Got it?" I nod. He moves his hand up and down my leg. 

Then he stops. I turn my head and look at him confused, but he's not looking at the tv he's looking over by the wall. I turn and look. We burst out laughing everyone asks why were laughing. I get up and turn the lights on. I point over by the wall and Harry and Lauren are starring at me super pissed. "Am I interrupting something guys?" "Yes, I was about" "HARRY WE DON"T WANT TO KNOW! Go get a room" "OK!" He picks up Lauren and they run upstairs. "Ok on that note I'm gonna go and try to get some sleep" They answer with ok's and I walk up stairs. 

I get into my room and lay down on top of the covers thinking why does Liam want to return the favor? I already told him I'm not ready. I get up and walk to the bath room and brush my teeth. Liam walks in with this shirt and boxers on. "Hi love" "Hi Liam" I'm going to bed" "Ok I'll be in a minute" I nod and walk past him and lay down under the covers, he climbs in and kisses my for head and pulls me close. 

"I love you Megan, and I wasn't going to return the favor tonight. Were gonna go at your pace" "Thank you Liam" I roll over and kiss him and I roll back over and he pulls me close so were laying side by side. "I love you Liam" "I love you too Megan"     

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