A Little Coffee Can Go A Long Way

Hi! My names Jennifer Adams, Jenn for short. I'm not a big coffee lover, but my friends finally convinced me to go with them to Starbucks. Just one little trip to Starbucks can change your life forever. It can be a good change. or a bad one. You'll just have to read to find out if it's good or bad ;)


17. Izzy's Back!

Izzy's Pov:

I'm waiting in the hostipal waiting room, freaking out because I get to leave and see the girls and fine out how Megan is. I hear heals coming towards me. I knew thoses heals any where there Megan's, I look up and she has a hudge grin on her face. "Hey Megs!" "IZ! You have everything?" "Yeah I do" "Good were going to the mall"

"The mall!" She turns and looks at me like I've never heard of a mall. "But Megs aren't you like grieving?" "I was Iz" She pauses and looks down. "I was, for a month. Liam helped me get through it" "Liam, eh?" "Haha I'll tell you about it in the car. Zayn misses you" "He does?" I piped out that last bit. She nods, I take the time to the car to look at her to see if shes really ok. She looks normal, her black heals, leather jacket, purple tank top, curly dish water blonde hair. She looks at me confused, her eyes turning a bright brown-ish oragne-ish color that everyone loves. "Izzy are you ok?" "Yeah, your wearing the outfit you wore when I first came here" "Yes indeed I am. Is something wrong about it?" Oh her poor fashion problem.

"No, not at all you look hot" She does a few model poses, I laugh. We both get into the car and she pulls out of the parking lot. "So Megs tell about you and Liam" She tells me thats happen sense her mum died to the blow job she gave Liam in the shower and to how he wants to return the favor. Then she goes on to tell me everything that happened yesterday. "Wow! Just wow! Who'd to thought you'd be the one to give Liam Payne a blow job" She gives me a don't ever say that out loud again look.

I turn on the cd thats in the player. It's on 'I'm not that girl' from the musical Wicked. We all knew when Megan was playing the cd and wearing her emerald and diamond charm necklace Wicked has come back to town. "Megan when are you going to see it?" In one week" "How many tickets? My cousins are coming, Jenn, Lauren, Abi, you, Liam, and my mum would be coming to so it's up to who ever else wants to go which I bet my cousins will probally bring one of there kids" "Your cousins? Let me guess Sami and Michelle?" "You know were the Wicked fans"

"How many is it this time?" This will be my tenth or eleventh seeing of the musical. My cousins of course it will be there twenty-third time seeing it" "My god! That's blody insane" "No! It's my family" "You said your brining Liam, isn't that your mum's or was your mum's ticket?" "Oh yeah it is. I still have to ask him if he wants to come" "Who are the actors this time?" "There will be the orignal wizard, Nessarose, Boc, and David Nathan Perlow will be playing Fiyero!" I sequel because David is the best Fiyero! Megan's seen him play that role four times. He was the Fiyero when I first seen Wicked. "AHHH I CAN'T WAIT!" "I KNOW IZZY!" We pull up to the mall and the girls are outside Barns and Noble waiting for us. They all hug me and turn to look at Megan they notice the necklace. "When are you taking us?" "Oh Lauren you know me too well. In one week" she answers happily. 


Megan's Pov:

I walk past the girls to my favorite shop. It's the musical shop. I head to the wicked aisle. I look they added the Wicked toms to the aisle, so of course I had to buy them the girls laugh and I go pay for them and have a huge smile on my face. "Ok where to next?" "FOREVER 21!!" "Jenn I love the store too but, chill!" "Fine, I need to buy something to wear to Wicked" The girls agree with her and I laugh. When we walk inside I set a few ground rules about dressing for the musical. "Ok here are some rules for shopping for the musical. Rule One: NO RED! Lauren I mean it! Rule Two: Black, white, green, light blue, and silver are the best colors to wear. Rule Three: Do not go over board with the accessories" "Is that it?" "Yes go have fun I want to see everything you guys pick out" I get oks, fine, will dos from them.       

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