A Little Coffee Can Go A Long Way

Hi! My names Jennifer Adams, Jenn for short. I'm not a big coffee lover, but my friends finally convinced me to go with them to Starbucks. Just one little trip to Starbucks can change your life forever. It can be a good change. or a bad one. You'll just have to read to find out if it's good or bad ;)


15. Fangirling Friends and Bathroom Starts.

Megan's POV:

I wake up to sounds of cameras going off. I jump up really fast. Abi and Niall freak out and back out the door slowly. I just ingore it and go to the bathroom when I come back Liam Looks around trying to figure out where I went. "Megan" "Right here Liam" I slip back under the covers. He rolls over and kisses at my ear. "Liam stop that tickles" I keep giggling. He pulls away. "You know for the first time in the longest of time I've woken up complety and truely happy" "Good, I'm the cure" "Yes you are. Lets go have breakfest, but let them figure out about us, and I'm gonna pretend I'm still in my faze" "Ok, lets have food" "I'll go down first, wait a few minutes. Try to get me to talk to you and when I don't tell me You love me" "Got it" He kisses me and I pull away and walk down stairs. "MEGAN! Everyone screams. I just walk away and put food on my plate. I sit down at the table and I start to eat. When I'm done with my eggs I text Niall and Abi, I tell them not to say anything about Liam and I. They both ask me why they should keep quiet. I say somthing big is about to happen. They look at me, and answer fine we'll keep quiet. Liam walks in, he comes over by me. "Megan are you gonna answer me? Megan?" I get up and put my plate in the sink, and slowly walk away but I feel his arms on my shoulder. "Megan plase talk to me" "Liam I told I need to be alone" I walk away and I hear him call after me, "MEGAN I LOVE YOU!" The group gasps. I run back to him and kiss him so passionately. I pull away and tell him I love him too. "So Abi? Niall? Was it worth waiting?" "YES" "Haha we fooled the rest of them, didn't we Liam?" "Yes we did Megan" "Your talking to people now?" "Yes Lauren, I am" "That's great" I ignore everyone elses comments and zone in on the tv playing in the living room. "OMG!! IT'S ON!" I race pass everyone and sit right dead center in the couch to watch 'The Vampire Diaires' "He was your first love, I intend to be your last how ever long it takes" "Joseph Morgan has the best actting job ever!" "What is she talking about? Abi? Lauren?" "Chill Liam it's just my favorite tv show of all time, and if I do recall you said I dress straight out of, so you must know of it" "Yeah I do know about it. It's one of my favorties too" "OOooooo Delena or Stelena?" "Delena! Forwood or Klaroline?" "Klaroline! You?" "I perfer Forwood" "EWW! No we do not ship Forwood!" "What are they talking about?" Harry asks "Ship names from 'The Vampire Diaires" Abi says. "Well sense it's over I'm gonna shower and get dressed"



There is dirty suff in the next half chapter so you've been warned. Nothing bad. But don't read be on this point unless you over 12.



 I walk up to the bathroom and turn the shower on. I grab the towels I put them on the door. Once the water warm enough I take my shorts off and turn to see Liam shuting the door. "Liam what are you doing in here?" "I wanted to shower with you" I look at him shocked. "Liam my pace remeber? I don't feel it's right to shower with me" "Fine then I talking on first" He pulls his boxers down. I just cover my eyes and I open them when The shower door shuts I'm about to walk out when Liam grabes me from be hind and pulls me into the shower. Good thing I only had my shirt on or I would be so mad if my favorite pair of under wear got wet. "Liam I told you" "Does it feel wrong now?" "No, Bu.." "AHA! It doesn't feel wrong stay with me?" "Fine" I turn around and pull my shirt off and let it sit on the floor. "Let us get it clear right now, NO touching of any sort, no checking me out and no way are we have sex in here!" "Your no fun!" "Liam, I'll leave" "No stay" He kisses my for head I turn and grab shampoo and rub it in my hiar. "Here I'm taller let me help" "Fine" He rubs my head and washes the shampoo out of my hair. He goes around me and grabs conditioner and rubs it in my hair and washes it out. I turn and kiss him. I feel a bulge press into my leg. I pull back and look at it. "You've never seen one before have you?" I shake my head no. he whispers in my ear "You can touch it you know" I back away shocked by him. "Liam.... You've probally done it with other girls, you know what you like" "I don't care, what I like doesn't mater to what you can do" kiss him again. I pull back and move the shower head so it's not spraying on us. I kiss him again. "May I?" He looks confused for a minute. I look down he says yes. I sink down to my knees and trace my finger over it. I gently place kisses up and down it. I finally take it in my mouth I suck on it for a few minutes and he releases in my mouth. I swallow really fast. He pulls me up and kisses me I say I'm done he nods and turns off the shower. "I loved that" I turn to look at him. "I plain on returning the favor" "Liam, I'm not ready" "I know, but when you are I plain on returning the favor" I smile and kiss him. I walk out in my robe. I bump into Harry above all people. "A what the h**l?" "Sorry Harry" Liam walks out. "Come on Megs lets get dressed" I get dress in a white v-neck and blue skinnys ans white toms. Liam does the same but with grey and vans.

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