A Little Coffee Can Go A Long Way

Hi! My names Jennifer Adams, Jenn for short. I'm not a big coffee lover, but my friends finally convinced me to go with them to Starbucks. Just one little trip to Starbucks can change your life forever. It can be a good change. or a bad one. You'll just have to read to find out if it's good or bad ;)


21. Big family and a big house

Jenns P.O.V
"So, now what?" Harry asked. "Well, the rest of my family is coming here and they are going to have a big party." "I thought it was just you and your sister?" Louis asked me. "No, well in London yes, in America no." Louis patted the seat on the couch next to him, I went over and sat with him. "Tell them Jenn, tell them how many there are in America." Izzy said. "There is six other siblings in America." "Really six? Wow that's a lot." Liam said. "Your parents must have been busy." Harry said wiggling his eyebrows. "Harry!" Lauren said shoving him. "What it's true!" He said putting his arms above his head. "Wait, why does your mom live here and your dad live there?" Zayn asked. "Well my parents are divorced and I moved here when I was 13, I spend the summers here and the fall with my dad for schooling." "So you go to school in America?" Louis asked me. "Yeah, sort of, I do schooling online and I just stay in in America because of my dad." I tell him. "I'm staying here this year." I give him a kiss on the lips. "When's everyone coming?" Niall asked. "Look who decided to join us!" Louis called out to Niall and Abi. "To answer your question Niall, I don't know, either today or tomorrow. The party is on my birthday." "Oh ok!" Abi said sitting next to Louis and I. I felt my phone vibrate and I got a text message from my older sister Anna From Anna The Great: Hey I'm at the airport leaving now, I'll be there later tonight :). "Well I guess my sister and her husband will be here tonight!" I announced. "We should watch a movie until they get here." Harry suggested. "How about The Hunger Games?" Louis asked looking down at me. "Yes yes yes!" Lauren and I said at the same time. "Ok I'll get the blankets and Louis you get the popcorn, and make a lot of it." I got off the couch and headed towards the closet. "Come on Niall let's go make popcorn." Louis said headed into the kitchen. I grabbed six big blankets and headed back to the living room. Niall and Louis had come back with like 10 bowls of popcorn. "Are you sure we need that much?" I asked them pointing at all the bowls. "Well between you and Niall, we need a lot." Louis said setting the bowls down. "Ok, I guess that's true." Zayn put in the movie and we all got comfortable. I sat on Louis' lap, Zayn sat next to us with Izzy sitting with her head on his shoulder. Niall and Abi took up the other couch, Niall laying down with his head on Abi's lap. Harry and Lauren sat in the chair next to me, Liam sat on the floor in front of the couch I was sitting on. We watched two other movies, when Niall decided he wanted to watch a horror movie. 
"Uhhhh, no." I said freaking out. "Come on. It will be fun!" Louis said pinching my cheek. "As long as you stay here and no one scares me." I told everyone and pointed at Harry. "Hey! I didn't do anything! Yet." He mumbled the last part. Niall went in and put in the movie. After the first ten minutes I was hooked and terrified. I was eating popcorn and something jumper out in the movie, I was so scared I threw the bowl into the air. "AHHH!" I screamed. "Scared Jenn?" Louis asked pulling me back against him. I nodded back in answer. "I'm going to the bathroom I'll be right back." Harry said getting up. "Hurry back!" Lauren called after him. I continued watching the movie no matter how scared I was. After a little while I felt something on the back of my neck. I turned around quickly and screamed. There was Harry in some monster mask. "Harry! I told you not to do anything!" I started hitting him on the arm. "I never promised nothin'." He said taking off the mask. He went back to his seat and I felt my phone vibrate from my back pocket. I got it out and saw that my sister was calling. I told Louis that I'd be right back and I went into the kitchen to answer it. "Hey Anna!" "Hey Jenn! I called to tell you that we will be landing soon and mom is going to pick us up!" "Oh that's great! Who's all with you?" "Marie's family, Jeremy's family, and Peter, who brought his new girlfriend Kate." "So you left Mark behind at the airport?" "No, well he's here next to me! I'd never forget him!" "I'm just teasing!" "Well I just thought I'd let ya know that I'll be here soon." "I'll text you the address of where I'm at right now." "So your not staying with mom?" "No, I'm staying with my boyfriend." "Ok, bye Jenna Bear!" "Bye Anna Banana!" I hung up the phone, texted her the address, and went back into the living room. "Who was that?" Louis asked me as I sat down on his lap. "Anna, my mom is going to pick her up. She'll be landing soon." I tell him. "Well this'll be exciting." He said. "It will be, I might as well warn all of you. Do not and I repeat do not tell Anna she can't do something." I looked towards the rest if them making sure they understood. "Why not?" Liam asked. "She will prove you wrong." I told them. "Oh, anything else we should know?" Harry asked. "Hmmm Amanda, Jeremy, and Anna don't get along very well. Anna is a drama queen. Amanda teases a lot and sometimes it's really mean. Marie is pregnant with her second baby. That's about it." I told them. We all went back to watching the movie and I ended up falling asleep in Louis's arms before the movie was over. I woke up to the sound of commotion. "Uhhhhh? Whats going on?" The second I opened my eyes, I was engulfed in a hug. "Hold on hold on, I'm not dead." I looked up and I saw a familiar face. "OMG!!!!" I screamed and jumped up. "Anna! Have you met everyone?" "No I can't find anyone!" I grabbed her hand and said "Time to find people. By the way, where's Mark and the people?" "Looking for everyone and getting lost in this house." "Oh don't worry I get lost too." I took Anna upstairs and found Mark and Andrew. "Hey guys!" I gave them each a hug. "Follow us, we are looking for everyone!" Anna said. "I think everyone else is downstairs." Andrew pointed downstairs. "Ok, lets go." We headed downstairs and I thought about the game room. "Lets try the game room." I took them to the game room and opened the door. Everyone was in there, just as I thought. "Hello! I haven't seen you guys in forever!" I gave everyone a hug, and thought to myself, we are just one big family in one big house.

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