Can't love you more.

This is a sequel to Love At First Sight. This is the singular going for Ashley and Zayn. Since no one won the vote I just picked the couple with the most going on. Find out how their wedding goes. How they deal with Zayn being gone so much. How Ashley will handle Brice on her own. Will they have another on the way? Read and find out. But if you didn't read the first book and you just wanna read this go fucking read the first book and don't be a lazy ass pig. Thank you! Enjoy!


3. Sexual Get Away

Zayn's POV: The next morning I woke up to find no one in bed with me. I looked around the room and then noticed the bathroom door was closed. Ashley must be showering. I'll go help her wash off maybe. I snuck in the bathroom and she was singing Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno mars. I started to sing with her and she screamed. "Zayn!! What the hell are you doing in here!" She yelled peeking her head out the shower curtain. "I thought I could help you wash off." I said pulling off my boxers. I got in and she just starred at me. "Something wrong?" I asked. "Well what if Brice starts crying?" She said looking worried. I opened the shower curtain a little bit and pointed to a baby monitor. "I came prepared babe." I said wrapping my arms around her. He normally don't do anything in the shower its just well ya know fun. After we got out I had something important I wanted to talk to Ashley about. We got Brice and took him downstairs for breakfast. We all sat at the table a little happy family. "Guess what Zayn!" She said hanging up the phone with I think Erin. "What!" I said in a mocking tone. "Were getting a niece or nephew in 9 months!!" She said walking towards me and sitting on my lap. "From who?" I asked her. "Erin and Niall!!" She said. "Brice your getting a cousin!" I said to him and he just babbled and clapped. "He talks like you" I said laughing. "Hey!! That's an insult! I don't babble! That's gonna cost you. I'm going to avoid any sexual content for a whole month now." She said getting up and walking to a different seat. "Come on that's not fair!" I yelled like a child. "Sounds fair to me" She said smiling and walking to the counter to clean the dishes. I walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her. "Well babe how about we let Niall and Erin keep Brice for a couple of days to practice having a kid while me and you go on a little sexual get away" I said kissing her neck. "Well I don't see why not. Call Niall and see what they think. I think that will be great babe." She smiled. I kissed her and walked to get the phone.

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