Can't love you more.

This is a sequel to Love At First Sight. This is the singular going for Ashley and Zayn. Since no one won the vote I just picked the couple with the most going on. Find out how their wedding goes. How they deal with Zayn being gone so much. How Ashley will handle Brice on her own. Will they have another on the way? Read and find out. But if you didn't read the first book and you just wanna read this go fucking read the first book and don't be a lazy ass pig. Thank you! Enjoy!


2. Romance beggins.

Ashley's POV: It was around 2:30 now and Zayn was expected home in about 30 minutes. I was on my way home from the mall and Nando's. I went to get myself a sexy dress for tonight and I got Brice some new clothes. I took him into the house when we got home and put him in his play pin. I went upstairs and put his clothes away. Then I did some laundry. I went back downstairs to play with Brice. I was in his pin playing with him and his hippo when Zayn came through the door. "Hey babe" I said getting up and walking to him. "Hello love. How has your day been?" "Well pretty good I went to the mall got Brice some new clothes and then we went out to lunch." "Oh that reminds me look what I got for my little boy!" Zayn said walking to Brice. He handed him a pair of plastic keys. "Keys??" I said questioning the gift. "Wait for it!" Zayn said running out the door then he came back in pushing a little black hummer. "Holy shit Zayn he's not even 1 and he has a car?!" I laughed and picked up Brice. He was still to little to drive it himself but me and Zayn set him inside and pushed the car ourselves. He couldn't reach the petals. He was laughing and giggling. We eventually got tired and set down but Brice just kept playing in his 'car'. "I have a surprise for you tonight" I said to Zayn he smiled and said "And what is that?" I laughed "You'll see. Go upstairs and take Brice with you I'll have it ready in about an hour" I said getting up. Zayn took Brice upstairs and I went to the kitchen to start cooking. I made pasta with fresh bread, salad, and I set out a fresh bottle of wine. Perfect now its time to get myself ready. I quietly passed Brice's room so that Zayn wouldn't hear me. I went into our room and got out the red dress. It was tight and above the knee's and totally hot. I put it on then I went to check my make up and hair. I had done that this morning and it was still good. I went back downstairs and went to set the table. I put out all the food then I got my phone. I texted Zayn and said 'Put Brice to sleep and come into the dining room babe ;)' I sent him a text not wanting him to see me yet. I sat down at the table and after about 5 minutes he came. "Woah that's um a wow dress babe" He said walking into the dining room. I laughed and pointed to the seat next to me. He came and sat next to me. "What's this for?" He asked. "What cant I do something nice and romantic for my husband?" I asked and kissed him not giving him time to answer. I pulled away and said "Now let's eat before it gets cold." He laughed and said "With you in that dress its nothing but hot in here." I laughed and started eating. We just talked and enjoyed a good dinner. "So is there any reason you wanted to set a mood love?" He asked. "Just wanted to be romantic. Why? There a problem with that?" I laughed. "Well yes there is. With you in that dress I just cant resist you." With that he kissed me. This lasted. Really long I eventually moved over and was sitting on his lap. One leg on each side of him. He picked me up and carried me upstairs. He layed me on the bed then layed on top of me and kept kissing me. "Zayn Brice is in the room right next to us we cant do this" I breathed. He got up and closed the door. "Don't worry I'll be gentle so you don't scream to loud" He laughed and walked back over. He started kissing me again then well it got to where I was only in my undies and bra. He was in his boxers. Then we heard Brice crying. "I'll get him" I said getting up and putting my robe on. I went in Brice's room and say him laying in his crib just crying. I picked him up and started rocking him. "Shhhhh. It's ok sweetie." I repeated. I finally got him back to sleep after about 15 minutes. I went back to my room and saw Zayn just laying on the bed. "He alright?" He asked. "Ya he's fine, but I think we need to just go to bed ok babe?" I asked. "Well alright." He said crawling into bed. I took off my robe and got in bed. "Goodnight babe. And I'm sorry I just cant with Brice in the other room." I said. "It's alright. Maybe another night." He said and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer. He kissed me and then we went to sleep.

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