Can't love you more.

This is a sequel to Love At First Sight. This is the singular going for Ashley and Zayn. Since no one won the vote I just picked the couple with the most going on. Find out how their wedding goes. How they deal with Zayn being gone so much. How Ashley will handle Brice on her own. Will they have another on the way? Read and find out. But if you didn't read the first book and you just wanna read this go fucking read the first book and don't be a lazy ass pig. Thank you! Enjoy!


1. New house!

Ashley's POV: Well I have been married to Zayn Malik for the past three months now. Our son Brice is 10 months old now. He is just starting to eat food now. I got up at around 6:00 cause I heard him crying. I walked in his room and saw him crawling in his crib. "What's wrong Brice" I said groaning. "Its too early for you to be crying" Ugh I hate having to get up early but its all worth it seeing his little smile. I went and picked up Brice then took him downstairs. I put him in his chair and got him apple sauce. I fed him then I started making breakfast for Zayn. I was almost done with the bacon when I felt a pair of warm arms wrap around my waist. "Good morning love" Zayn said and kissed my cheek. He walked over to Brice and started playing with him. "What do we have to do today?" I asked walking to the table with bacon, eggs, and toast. "Well I have a photo shoot at 10 but I will be back by 3 to be with you guys." "Alright well that sounds good." "bababadaga" Brice said and he started clapping. Me and Zayn laughed and we finished eating. Zayn went to go get ready for his shoot this morning so I took Brice in the living room and put him in his play pin to crawl and play with his toys. I turned on the telly and watched Looney Tunes. I still love cartoons and plus Brice likes them too so its a win win. Zayn came downstairs and sat beside me. "Well I'm ready an hour early so I guess il hang out here with you too. It surely is a tragedy" He said laughing. "Well since it is I guess I wont kiss you" I said getting up and walking over to the play pin. "Oh yes you will!!" Zayn yelled running after me. He tackled me to the ground and leaned in but every time I would turn my head. "I'm gonna get you eventually so you should just give up now!" He yelled. "No!" I yelled back. He grabbed my cheeks and held my face straight and kissed me. "Told you I would win." He said smiling. "Just kiss me Malik!" I screamed and kissed him again. We stopped when Brice was talking. "bebadoda dada" He said. "Zayn he just said dada!" I yelled and I crawled out from underneath him and over to Brice. "Say it again Brice. Say dada" "doda" Brice screamed. "Close enough Zayn said grabbing him and laying him on his stomach. We were all just laying there a happy family. "I have to go babe" Zayn said frowning. "Well alright you'll be back by 3 right?" I asked. "Yes I will and I'm going to bring a surprise for my talking boy!" He said and kissed Brice on the cheek. Then he kissed me and got up to leave. "Bye I love you!" He yelled and walked out the door. I got up and locked the door. "Come on Brice I wanna take a shower so you have to hang out in your bouncy chair for a while" I said and picked him up. I know I sound crazy talking to someone who cant really respond but hey I have to have someone to talk to during the day. I put Brice in his bouncy chair and strapped him in then I gave him a few toys and got in the shower. I wanted to look good tonight. I'm thinking of making Zayn a romantic dinner and having some candles set up. Maybe set the mood a little. I'm not planning on shaking the bed just wanna be a little romantic.

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