Can't love you more.

This is a sequel to Love At First Sight. This is the singular going for Ashley and Zayn. Since no one won the vote I just picked the couple with the most going on. Find out how their wedding goes. How they deal with Zayn being gone so much. How Ashley will handle Brice on her own. Will they have another on the way? Read and find out. But if you didn't read the first book and you just wanna read this go fucking read the first book and don't be a lazy ass pig. Thank you! Enjoy!


4. Fun Time!

Zayn's POV: "Come on babe! Please!!! Just a little fun!" I begged her. We were in Hawaii on a little get away. Brice was with Niall and Erin. Me and Ashley had the only alone time we have had in months. We had just got back to the hotel from dinner at a fancy restaurant. I had made reservations there to try and set a mood for us. I had been shut out for the past almost 17 months now. It was killing me! A sexy beast like me cant stand that long without any fun. "No Zayn not tonight! Its our first night on a week long vacation. Please can we just chill out and watch a movie or something?" She asked getting under the covers. "But babe! I haven't had any fun in like over a year come on! Please! Please! please-" She cut me off. "No Zayn!! We have like 6 nights left ok maybe another night please please please can we just watch a fucking movie!?" she asked me in a mocking tone. "Fine but I want something in return for doing what you wanna do tonight." I said getting under the covers and handing her the remote. We watched Tangled. Only because Ashley liked it. After the movie it was about 1:00. I was tired and so was she so we turned off the tv and went to bed. I fell asleep with my arm around her and she was all cuddled up against me.

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