What if...

19 year old Ferris was just a normal American girl with her crazy roommate Kat. She loved her job at the coffee shop and loved attending her college in Minnesota, it seemed that she was always getting into trouble and to be honest she kind of enjoyed it, but little did she know what trouble she was getting into when British boy band one direction was in town. What will happen when things get messy after running into one of the boys?


1. When trouble walked in

Walking home from school was something i enjoyed. It gave me a chance to think about my day. It gave me a chance to be by myself and away from everything  and everyone. Today was the same as any other day, walk downtown to the coffee house where i worked, then back home to my condo where i lived with my roommate Kat.  We have been best friends since middle school. We are from New Jersey but moved to Minnesota for school. It didn't matter how hot it was outside but people still wanted their coffee, and that is where I zoned out. I didn't necessarily enjoy working at the coffee shop but it gave me something to do after school so I took the job. I heard the bell on the door ding and without looking up i took the guys order and started to make his caramel latte. I handed the guy his coffee and turned to lean against the counter.  

" Excuse me, Miss?"

I turned back around this time i looked up at him. He looked around my age, tall blonde, and the most piercing blue eyes i have ever seen. " Yes?"

" You gave me the wrong order."

I looked at the coffee in his hand and realized it was a iced caramel latte." Oh sorry about that here let me make you a new one." I swiveled around and furiously started making his caramel coffee.

" That's alright this one will do."

" Are you sure? It  won't take that long to make-"

" I'm in a hurry so maybe next time." He started to walk towards the door and stopped like he forgot something. He stood there thinking for a second or two before turning around and asking " See you around?"

" Yeah."

He smiled and walked off.  

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