Oh my Harry

A girl named Kate thought she had everything figured out. She hated One Direction for all the attention they got, she swore never to bow down to them, much to her dismay Harry Styles made it his mission. She was desperate for money and he had lots, so they decided to make a deal. One week doing everything as Harry says. She is determined not to let him get under her skin, but it becomes known that is all he is doing. Can she last a week without fully submitting to him?


40. Chapter 40


“PARTY TIME” Tyler shouted running to the door.

“Alright Ty calm down” I laughed coming out the bathroom.

He paused staring at me “Damn you look hot” he smiled.

“Thanks” I smiled awkwardly.

“Let’s go” he opened the door and got into the car.

“Hey guys” Jack smiled at us.

“Hey” we both greeted him.

Once we arrived Tyler got out of the car, I opened the door.

“Thanks for the ride” I smiled at Jack.

“No problem, you look beautiful by the way” he smiled.

“Thank you” I said before shutting the door.

I knocked at the door and waited for someone to answer. After a couple of minutes the doors open and screams overtook my ears.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” everyone shouted.

Tears appeared in my eyes this is incredible. I looked around Harry’s house filled with balloons, banners, a cake etc…

“Thank you” I shouted back stunned.

“Happy birthday beautiful” Liam kissed me. “You look wow”.

“Thanks, have you seen Harry?”

“Err he’s upstairs I think”.

“Okay can I talk to you in a second I need to thank him for this dress” I kissed him before leaving him.

I ran up the stairs to his bedroom but he wasn’t there, I heard him muttering in the music room.

“No” he shouted.

I popped my head in the door causing him to step back, he put his hand up to stop me coming closer.

“You can’t do this” he shook his head. “You will regret it I promise you… Asshole” he spat through his teeth before hanging up.


“I’m sorry hey” he smiled.

“Was that err your dad?”

“Yeah” he nodded. His nails sunk into the chair he was leaning on.

“What’s wrong?” I asked worried.


“Don’t lie to me Harry what is it?” I half shouted.

“He’s coming here to see me” he looked down.

“Can’t you stop him?”

“Apparently not” he shrugged.

“I can be here with you?”

He looked at me his face cold “I don’t want him anywhere near you” he shook his head before storming out the room. Always pushing me away, argh.

“You alright Morris?” Niall asked.

“Yeah” I nodded before following him down the stairs.

“Did you get a chance to thank Harry?” Liam popped up behind me.

“Err no actually” I said bluntly.

“We have a surprise for you” Louis clapped his hands.

“What?” I asked curious.

He grabbed one of my hands, Liam took the other one as they lead me to the garden. Everyone followed making a circle in the garden. I stood in the middle of the circle completely clueless.

“It was hard work, it took a lot of persuading but we managed to do it” Zayn nodded proudly.

“I don’t understand” I looked at them confused.

Harry came into view and stood behind me, he looked at them all before whispering to me.

“Look up beautiful” my head instantly looked up.

Fireworks formed in the sky a mixture of my favourite colours. I stared at the sky in amazement, once the fireworks disappeared words were written in the sky.

Happy Birthday Morris, from Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry.

No words could describe how I felt in that instant I froze unable to speak. More words appeared in the sky causing my heart to twist.

Maria Morris and Luke Morris are thinking of you up here.

Harry held my hand as I continued to look up, tears rolled down my cheeks. I looked at them all in shock.

“How did you, what, who’s idea was this?”

“It was all of ours, it was mine and Liam’s to write something in the sky. Harry gave us the idea of putting your parent’s names there, and Zayn and Niall were the fireworks” Louis smiled.

I hugged each and every one of them tightly.

“I love you all so much” I smiled.

“We love you too” Zayn kissed my forehead.

“Now I think we need some music” Niall shouted turning the music up.

Liam grabbed my waist moving my hips to the music, I laughed wrapping my arms around him. We all danced for hours outside in the darkness with the music blaring I loved it.

“Now every party needs truth or dare” Louis clapped his hands running into the living room.

Many people followed him, I stayed back with Harry.

“Thank you” I smiled at him.

“It was nothing really” he shrugged.

I shook my head “No it’s something the real you would do” I smiled before going into the living room.

Everyone was now seated on the floor I sat next to Liam and Niall.

“Where’s Harry?” Niall moaned.

I shrugged “Garden?”

“Harry” Niall shouted. “Get your ass in here”.

Harry appeared “I’m here” he laughed before sitting down.

“Good now it’s only fair if the birthday girl goes first” Louis smiled widely.

I rolled my eyes.

“Truth or dare?” he said excitedly.

“Dare” I challenged him.

“I dare you to kiss…” he looked around the room. “Everyone in this room” he smiled.

“That’s 20 people” I shrieked.

“Oh well if you want to back out…”

“No” I interrupted him. “I’m fine” I smiled before decided where to start.

“Oh and for us One Direction boys I expect tongue” Louis laughed.

I glared at him “Bring it on” I said confidently.

I decided to start with the easiest first, I placed my hands on either side of Liam’s face and kissed him our tongues intertwining. Once satisfied I pulled away, next was Niall this could be interesting… I smiled at him before bringing my face closer to him, I closed my eyes and brought my lips to his. I think out of everyone I kissed Niall the longest I don’t know he’s just a really good kisser. I laughed when I heard everyone’s remarks. I kissed 8 girls after Niall whose names I actually don’t know.

“I am so turned on right now” Louis shook his head making me laugh.

Okay I have done half, I can do this. Tyler was next this was definitely going to be awkward to say the least. I whispered to him “I’m sorry” before kissing him. Our kiss lasted about 2 seconds as we both found it incredibly awkward. Next was Melissa the girl I really didn’t like, I groaned before going over to her. I smiled at her before kissing her, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Louis groaned beside me, I nudged him with my foot. I skipped Louis making him groan.

“No fair” he moaned.

“Oh don’t worry I’m saving you till last” I smirked.

“Ah saving the best till last I see” he grinned.

I kissed Simon after who I’ve only ever talked to once but he was an alright kisser. I kissed 2 more guys and 2 girls before I came to Zayn. I was actually excited to kiss him, he is actually very beautiful but definitely as awkward as me. Our kiss was nice which I expected, my heart started to race as I realised Harry was next. This wouldn’t make Liam happy and he could ask questions oh god. I looked at Harry focusing on my breaths, I moved his hair out the way and stared at him. I took one more breath before moving forwards, he placed his hands on my back pulling me closer. Once our lips locked we kissed for a few seconds, I pulled away quickly dazed. Harry smirked at me as I got up, I didn’t dare to look at Liam. Last but not least was the wonderful Louis and I wanted to make this the best. I stood in front of him and sat on his lap wrapping my legs round him, I wrapped my arms around his next and pulled him closer to me. We kissed for 30 seconds making the most of it, I finally pulled away and he stared at me stunned. I burst out laughing as I nudged him on the arm.

“Wow Morris that was really something” he nodded.

“Cheers” I laughed.

I sat back down next to Liam who was tense. I sighed knowing he was hurting and there was probably nothing I could do. Louis looked around the room picking his next victim.

“Melissa” he shouted. “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare” she smiled.

“Kiss the hottest member of One Direction” he smiled.

“Well I can’t choose one so I guess I’ll have to choose two” she smiled at me before going over to Harry.

She kissed him passionately for what seemed like forever, everyone stared shocked at her sudden confidence. She got up off him and went to Liam, now I could see what she was doing bitch. She looked at me before kissing Liam grabbing his hair. After she pulled away she smiled wickedly before going back to her seat. Louis mouthed sorry to me before looking around the room.

“Who’s next?” he asked.

“I’ll go” Harry half shouted.

“Okay Truth or Dare?”

“Truth” he said without blinking.

“Interesting okay, have you ever been in love?”

Everyone leaned forward awaiting an answer, I knew that whatever he said would unsettle me.

“Yes” he said confidently.

I didn’t dare to look in his eyes, it could easily be someone else. Liam froze looking anywhere but me and Harry.

“I’ll be right back” I smiled before getting up, I needed to get out of there it was too awkward.

Harry’s POV

Liam pulled me aside once Morris had left, he brought me out into the hallway.

“I need to ask you something”.

“Okay what?” I said agitated, Liam and I still aren’t on good terms.

“The girl you said you loved or love is it Kate?” he looked at me desperately awaiting an answer.

I sighed “Don’t worry”.

“No Harry please tell me” he pleaded.

“Why does it matter?”

“It matters you know it does, tell me” he ordered.


“Yes it is or yes you will tell me?” he tilted his head.

“Yes I love her” I looked at him.

Liam closed his eyes shaking his head. “I shouldn’t have gotten involved” he frowned.

“No you shouldn’t of but you did, now things are complicated”.

“Yeah like they weren’t before” he rolled his eyes.

“What do you mean?” I asked annoyed.

“Harry you had her, if you loved her why did you let her go?” he looked at me confused.

“I don’t know” I frowned.

He rubbed his forehead, which is what he does when he’s thinking. He didn’t say anything else so I left him by the door and went back into the living room.

Kate’s POV

I decided to go to the toilet, once I came out I saw Liam and Harry by the door. I walked backwards up the stairs trying to not be seen. I couldn’t hear what they were saying which pissed me off. Harry walked back into the living room so I took this as my opportunity, I ran down the stairs to Liam.

“Hey” I smiled.

He pushed me to the wall and kissed me hard not allowing me to breath. I pulled away gasping for air, anger raged in his eyes.

“Liam what’s wrong?”

He closed his eyes and hit the wall causing a thump.

“Why did I do this” he frowned.

“I don’t understand”.

“I should have never even looked at you, you were his not mine” he sighed.

“Liam” I raised my voice. “What are you talking about?”

“How are you so clueless when it’s right in front of you? He’s in love with you Kate he had you first”.

I froze, I couldn’t accept that he loved me until he told me directly. But I really like Liam I don’t want that to be ruined?

“Liam what’s happened has happened we can’t change that, whether you should have or shouldn’t have is not the point. What do you want now?”

He shook his head “I need to go”.

“No” I half shouted grabbing his arm. “Tell me” I demanded.

“I love you Kate, this is so totally fucked up. But my best friend is in love with you too” he frowned.

My mouth dropped open Liam loves me? What what what!!!?? I couldn’t speak.

“I’ll see you later” he nodded before going.

This time I couldn’t stop him, I needed to figure out what I wanted say to him.

“Come here” Louis held out his hand.

I smiled taking his hand, he pulled me into the living room. I saw everybody had gone except Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry. I smiled at them all and sunk down on the sofa with Louis.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“I don’t even know anymore” I frowned tears appearing in my eyes.

I couldn’t let anyone see me like this “Can you excuse me for a second” I smiled before leaving them. I went and sat in the garden on the grass, it was cold but nice and refreshing.

Harry sat beside me leaning his head on my shoulder. I didn’t know what to say to him either, did he purposely try and ruin me and Liam?

“Tell me what happened with Liam?” I asked him.

He lifted his head “He pulled me out the living room and spoke to me about something”.

“He said you loved me is that true?” I looked at him.

He sighed “Yes it’s true”.

I closed my eyes those words meant everything to me but were said at the wrong time.

“Why have you never told me this?”

“Because what difference does it make?”

“I don’t get it, how can you love me but not want to be with me?” I shook my head.

“I’ve always wanted to be with you Morris, but like I said you deserve so much better”.

“Who are you to say what I deserve it’s my life not yours” I said spitefully.

He frowned “I know”.

“Everything is just fucked” I moaned.

“Yeah” he laughed.

“Come on, there’s nothing anyone can do about it now let’s go sleep” he stood up holding out his hand.

I sighed before taking his hand, we walked into the livingroom and sat on the floor. I made up a bed for myself and snuggled in my duvet. Niall kept turning, Louis wriggled out of his duvet and flopped onto the floor, Zayn stood up and sat back down again.

“I’m uncomfortable” I frowned.

“Me too” everyone moaned.

“You know I do have a bed” Harry smiled.

“Bugsy” Louis ran up the stairs.

“Hey no fair” Niall moaned running after him.

“No way in hell are they having my bed” Harry shook his head.

I laughed “Well lets go” I grabbed his and Zayns hand as we ran to his room jumping on the bed.

Louis pulled me close to him and Niall snuggled next to me.

“Don’t be jealous Haz but I’m spooning Morris” Louis laughed.

Harry rolled his eyes and jumped next to Louis hugging him, Zayn lay next to Niall. After many inappropriate jokes made mostly by Louis we all fell asleep.

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