Oh my Harry

A girl named Kate thought she had everything figured out. She hated One Direction for all the attention they got, she swore never to bow down to them, much to her dismay Harry Styles made it his mission. She was desperate for money and he had lots, so they decided to make a deal. One week doing everything as Harry says. She is determined not to let him get under her skin, but it becomes known that is all he is doing. Can she last a week without fully submitting to him?


26. Chapter 26


I rolled out of bed on to the floor stretching out, I jumped up putting on a black skirt with a blue top. I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I found my bag and keys before walking out the door. Maybe for once I can be early? I laughed knowing that wasn’t possible for me. I walked to school, I knew that if I saw Ashley I wouldn’t know how to control myself from beating the crap out of her. I hate girls like her, they repulse me.

As I arrived at school I saw everyone gathered around the lockers, I heard shouting. I pushed myself through the people to see Harry pushing Liam against the lockers.

“What the fuck did I tell you, stay away from her” Harry shouted.

I stared at them stunned. “She’s not yours” Liam hissed.

“You know damn well she’s mine” Harry growled.

“Then why did you dump her?” Liam said coldly.

Harry groaned before pushing him again. I froze unable to speak or look any other way apart from them.

“What is going on?” Mrs Perkins shouted.

“Nothing” Liam said pushing Harry off him.

“Harry Styles detention after school” this made me smile, I never thought one of them would ever get detention.

I shook my head before going up to them. “What the fuck are you doing Harry?” I shouted.

“You don’t see it do you, he’s always wanted you” he frowned.

“Why do you ever care?” I spat through my teeth.

“I don’t know why I bother” he pushed past me knocking me into Liam.

“Don’t forget you have detention as well, now I wouldn’t want to make it anymore if I were you” Mrs Perkins came up from behind me.

“Damn it” I kicked the locker. “Are you okay?” I asked Liam.

“I can handle Harry, don’t worry about it” he said before walking off.

I banged my head against the locker, why does it feel like everything’s my fault?

I found Mrs Perkins at the end of the day for my detention, she seemed as moody as ever. I saw Harry sitting at the back of the class room, I ignored his presence and sat up the front.

“Now to me it looks like you have unfinished business, so I want you to sort things out” Mrs Perkins said to us. “You have one hour” she nodded before leaving the room.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. I didn’t speak to him, I was not going to start this.

“Ignoring me Morris?” Harry asked coldly.

“Oh was that obvious?” I said sarcastically.

He laughed “I see you move on quickly”.

“That’s funny I was thinking the exact same thing” I said spitefully.

“Ouch, and what is that supposed to mean?” he came and sat next to me.

I got up off my seat and moved away from him.

“Oh so what you can’t be near me now? I’m guessing it’s not because of my charm” he joked.

“Why do you turn everything into a joke, what about this is funny?” I asked infuriated.

“How I found you first, and then my best friend ends up with you I find that hilarious”.

I rolled my eyes “Stop being so dramatic” I moaned.

He laughed loudly.

“Why do you even care?” I asked.

“I don’t” he shrugged.

“Don’t give me that bullshit Harry, tell me why?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” he got up off his seat and sat in front of me.

“Honestly no it isn’t” I said dryly.

“Why does he get the girl that I want?”

“Oh so you want me now is that it? What did you get tired of Ashley?”

“Ashley what the fuck are you talking about?” he half shouted

“Don’t treat me like I’m stupid” I shook my head.

“Nothing happened with me and Ashley” he looked confused.

“So what happened to you the other night?” I asked curious.

“I went home, I mean yeah I danced with her fine but nothing else happened” he shrugged.

“Yeah right” I laughed.

“What you don’t believe me?” he asked tilting his head.

“I never said that, why did you go home?”

“Do you honestly think I was just going to stand there and watch you and Liam all over each other?” he shouted.

“How many fucking times, Liam and I are friends nothing else” I said raising my voice.

“Yeah well you could have fooled me” he rolled his eyes.

“What’s so wrong if he and I did go out? You ended things between us not me” I closed my eyes remembering the night.

“I didn’t end things so you could go running to him” he hissed.

“Oh so you want me to be alone, right that explains it” I said sarcastically.

I didn’t realise how long we were arguing for until Mrs Perkins came through the door telling us we could go home.

“Did you guys work things out?” she asked.

“Yeah everything’s just fantastic” I said sarcastically before storming out.

I needed to stop letting him get to me, he is close to driving me to the point of insanity.

“Morris wait” Harry called after me.

“I have nothing to say to you” I continued walking.

He ran up to me grabbing my arm, he pulled me close to him so I was now facing his direction.

“Why are you being so difficult?” he asked rubbing his head.

“Difficult? Please tell me that’s your way of a joke” I said coldly.

“I’m being serious” he crossed his arms.

“You’re the one who’s being difficult, we had that night together where things get complicated, and for a moment I start to think maybe you were different. But then you prove to me you were the same ass I thought you were, and now you want me, it makes no sense” I said agitated.

“Just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean I don’t want you” he shook his head.

“Fine, but you need to leave my love life alone Harry. If we can’t be together I need to move on” I looked down at the floor.

“I don’t want you to move on” he frowned.

“I can’t win with you” I shouted. “I need to go” I said before walking off.

As soon as I got home I burst into tears, I sunk to the floor closing my eyes. Someone started knocking at my door I wiped my face before getting up and opening the door.

“Liam?” I asked stunned, why is it he’s always there when I look the worst.

“I want to apologize for…” he shook his head. “Are you okay?”

I smiled “I really think you need to stop asking me that, I’m never okay” I laughed.

He frowned and pulled me into a hug, he kissed my forehead before pushing me inside.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“I’m not leaving you alone when you’re like this” he shook his head.

Another person started knocking at my door, I groaned.

“Do you mind getting that?”

“What if it’s Harry, I don’t want him biting my head off” he laughed.

I rolled my eyes and opened the door, Louis was standing there with his hands tucked in his pockets.

“Hey are you busy?” he asked.

“No, Liam’s here too come in” I opened the door wider.

“What’s up?” I asked Louis.

He sighed “Nothing I just wanted to see if you were alright” he smiled.

“What how did you know I was upset?” I asked tilting my head. I then answered my own question “Harry” I nodded.

He laughed “Yeah, he asked me to check up on you” he shrugged. “So guys want to watch a film?” he pulled out stepbrothers and held it in the air.

Liam and I both nodded before settling down on the sofas. I quickly got up to get some blankets, we ordered pizza for dinner.

“So” Louis rubbed his hands together “I hear it’s someone’s birthday in a few weeks” he smiled widely looking at me.

Damn it. “How did you even know that?” I asked frustrated.

“I have my sources” he laughed.

“Forget it Louis I’m not doing anything” I shook my head.

“Yeah you are, you are having a kickass party” he nodded.

“Louis” I warned.

“No Morris, you are turning 18 that’s a big deal” he shook his head not letting me say anything else.

The rest of the night went swiftly, we stayed up watching random films. I was happy to have Louis and Liam here, it was kind of nice to have some company,

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