Oh my Harry

A girl named Kate thought she had everything figured out. She hated One Direction for all the attention they got, she swore never to bow down to them, much to her dismay Harry Styles made it his mission. She was desperate for money and he had lots, so they decided to make a deal. One week doing everything as Harry says. She is determined not to let him get under her skin, but it becomes known that is all he is doing. Can she last a week without fully submitting to him?


22. Chapter 22


As soon as I got home I burst out crying, I was a wreck. I rummaged through the mail box and pulled out a bunch of letters. They were all boring, I had one from my stupid landlord I dreaded opening this.

Thank you for the payment Miss Morris, I have come up with a deal meaning you won’t have to pay directly to me any more – Bill.

What!!!????????!!!??? I can’t believe Harry actually paid it? What’s this about a deal? I needed to speak to him. I tried ringing him but he didn’t answer damn.

It was the next morning and he has rejected every single one of my calls, dick. I quickly got dressed making sure I wasn’t late for school. As soon as I got to school I began to search for him, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Luckily I had first lesson with him maybe I could speak to him then? I got to the lesson and went and sat down in my normal seat. I saw him come in the door, I waited for him to come over but he stopped in the middle of the room and looked at me. He scanned the seats before taking a seat at the front. What the fuck!? I decided to text him knowing he had his phone on him.

I need to talk to you.

I saw him look at his phone before putting it back in his pocket.

“Asshole” I blurted out. Everyone turned round to look at me, I hid my face in embarrassment.

After class I found him standing by the lockers with Louis and Zayn, come on Kate just do it. I built up the courage and went up to him.

“Hey Morris” Louis smiled.

“Hey Louis” “Zayn” I nodded at both of them. “Harry can I speak to you for a second?” I asked politely.

“I’m kind of busy now, need to get to lesson” he said turning around.

“Can you stop being an ass for 3seconds?” I shouted.

He counted down from 3 making me roll my eyes “There you go, see you later” he waved before walking off.

I leant on the lockers “What is his problem?” I asked Niall and Zayn.

“He’s been like that since yesterday, I don’t know. First he was depressed now he’s completely flipped” Zayn shrugged.

“I was just trying to say thanks, argh” I kicked the locker before walking off.

As much as I hated him right now, and would rather never talk to that jerk again I needed to thank him at least, I was the bigger person here. I saw Harry waiting in line besides Melissa and this other girl whose name I don’t know. I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him away from them.

“What the hell?” he shouted.

“Why the fuck are you ignoring me?”

“I’m not ignoring you” he looked away.

“Oh don’t give me that crap” I rolled my eyes.

“I need to get to class” he tried walking away but I grabbed his arm.

“Believe me I don’t want to stand here talking to you as much as you don’t want to talk to me” I half shouted.

He rolled his eyes shaking his head “What do you want?”

“Why did you pay?” I asked tilting my head.

“Pay what?”

“Oh don’t act stupid why?” I shouted.

“Do you think I’m going to let you be homeless?” he said dryly.

“You never cared before why would you care now?” I shrieked.

“Are you serious? Of course I fucking cared” he spat through his teeth.

“Yeah you cared so much that you made a deal with me” I rolled my eyes.

“I would have given you the money anyway, I just wanted you” he shrugged.

“Are you serious?” I shouted.

“And to be honest would you have accepted it?” he tilted his head.

“It doesn’t matter” I shrugged.

“Of course it doesn’t” he rolled his eyes.

“Stop acting like a fucking dickhead for once” I shouted.

“It all worked out anyway” he smiled.

“Really how so?” I asked.

“I mean if I would have given you the money straight away, then I wouldn’t have gotten to fuck you” he joked.

I pushed him against the locker hard.

“You fucking asshole” I shouted.

“Hey” Mrs Perkins called out pulling me away from him. “What do you think you’re doing?” she looked at me in disgust.

I looked at everyone staring at me with their disapproving eyes. “I’m sorry if I hurt your precious Harry Styles” I growled before walking off.

I was now late for my lesson with Mr Tubbs great. I apologised for being late and sat next to Liam.

“Hey” he smiled.

“Hey” I said coldly.

“What did you do?” he frowned.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well everyone’s talking about you” he laughed.

“Oh well erm I had an argument with Harry in front of everyone, and I then err pushed him” I shrugged.

Liam laughed “he probably deserved it” he nodded his head.

“Just a bit” I smiled.

“I’m sorry he hurt you” he stared at me.

“It happens” I frowned.

“I would have never treated you like that” he shook his head.

I tapped his arm “I know” I smiled at him.

“Do you want to go out with me this weekend?” he asked looking nervous.

Oh no… “Liam, it’s way too soon” I suddenly felt awkward.

“Just as friends, I promise. I couldn’t do that to Harry” he reassured me.

I nodded “There’s Ashley’s party Saturday, how about Sunday you could come round or something?”

“Since when do you care about Ashley’s party?” he joked.

“I don’t but it’s a good reason to get drunk eh?” I laughed.

He frowned “Don’t let him affect you like this” he looked at me disapprovingly.

“I’m not” I lied.

“You may fool everyone else Kate, but I know you. You’re hurting and I wish I could make it go away, wasting your life away over him isn’t worth it” he frowned.

I sighed “I know, I guess I’m not really dealing with it that well”.

“No shit” he laughed.

“Thank you for everything” I smiled.

“You don’t need to thank me Kate, I care about you”.

“I know” I smiled. “So Sunday?” I asked changing the subject.

“Sunday it is” he tried his best to smile, but even he couldn’t wipe the disappointment from his face.

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