Oh my Harry

A girl named Kate thought she had everything figured out. She hated One Direction for all the attention they got, she swore never to bow down to them, much to her dismay Harry Styles made it his mission. She was desperate for money and he had lots, so they decided to make a deal. One week doing everything as Harry says. She is determined not to let him get under her skin, but it becomes known that is all he is doing. Can she last a week without fully submitting to him?


19. Chapter 19


Harry left me a note and a flower on the bed when I got in. I picked up the note and read it.

Morris, will you accompany me to an award ceremony tonight? – H x

I stared at the note stunned, the fact he has asked me to do this touched my heart. I ran down the stairs and jumped on his back wrapping my arms around him making him laugh.

“Why?” I asked.

“I need you there for erm support” he nodded.

“Thank you” I hugged him and jumped off his back.

“Get ready” he pointed to the stairs.

I nodded and ran back up them, I searched for the dress Harry brought me and put it on. I decided to keep on Harrys boxers. I curled my hair and put it up in a neat bun, with a few hairs dangling down in front of my face. I put on my silver necklace that my mum got me, and silver studded earrings. I didn’t own any heels, because I hate them so I decided to wear my converses.

Harry came up the stairs “Morris you ready?”

I turned to face him, he stopped by the door looking at me. “You… Look… Wow” he stared at me stunned.

He approached me pushing me against the wall “I want to rip that dress off of you” he moaned.

I moved away from him “No way are you touching this dress” I laughed.

He groaned “Come on” he grabbed my hand pulling me down the stairs.

 I saw a big black car outside his house, he led me to the car and opened the door. All of One Direction besides Liam was in the car, I sat down next to Harry.

“Wow Morris you look beautiful” Niall smiled.

“Damn Harry” Zayn smiled looking at me.

“So are you guys nervous?” I shifted the attention away from me.

“Yeah” Niall half shouted.

“If this isn’t too awkward to ask, what are you nominated for?” I laughed nervously.

“Not a One Direction fan huh?” Louis mocked.

I shrugged “Things can change” I said coldly. I don’t know what it was about Louis, but he really bugs me.

“It’s the Brit awards” Niall added.

“Ah right” I smiled.

“Fingers crossed guys” Zayn smiled crossing his fingers.

“Where’s Liam?” I asked Harry much to his annoyance.

“We’re picking him up now”.

I don’t understand Harry’s deal with Liam, nothing will happen with us so what’s his problem? The car stopped at Liam’s house and he got in beside me.

“You look beautiful Kate” he smiled.

“Cheers” I nodded smiling.

“Don’t like compliments huh?” he tilted his head to the side.

“It makes me feel awkward” I shrugged.

I could feel Harry straighten up beside me, not muttering a word. I rested my hand on his and squeezed it, he turned his hand around and held my hand. I heard thousands of fans screaming outside the car, I tried covering my ears.

“How do you deal with the noise?” I asked them.

“You get used to it” Zayn laughed.

The boys got out of the car worsening the screaming, I sat there awkwardly.

“Are you coming?” Harry asked me holding out his hand.

I nodded and took his hand getting out the car, the red carpet lay in front of us.

“Wait you want me to walk with you?” I whispered confused.

“Yes, unless you want to stand there by yourself?” he laughed.

He held out his hand, I looked around at all the fans eyeing me up. I took a deep breath before taking his hand. We walked together down the red carpet, fans crying, screaming and shouting. It made me smile at how big their fan base was. Harry tried touching as many of their hands as possible as he pulled me down the carpet. He wrapped his arm around my waist as he talked to numerous reporters, flashing lights shot out in front of us.

 One of the fans started shouting at me “Who the fuck are you Harry is mine” I froze unable to speak. Harry didn’t hear, he was busy talking to another fan, Louis grabbed me pulling me away from them.

“Are you alright?” he asked me.

I nodded “Yeah, just took me by surprise I’m fine” I looked down.

He held my hand and directed me back to the rude fan.

“I think you need to apologize” he said coldly.

The fan looked from me to him and looked at Harry, who was now with us.

“What’s going on?” Harry asked.

“This fan was rude to Morris” Louis said not taking his eyes off her.

“I’m sorry” the fan tried to smile.

“It’s fine” I nodded.

Harry, Louis and I walked down the rest of the red carpet together. My arms round both of their waists, I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. We stopped at one of the photographers and had a picture together, I dread to think what my face looks like in that photo, I was laughing at Louis oh god.

As we got in to the arena we went and sat down at a large table. I saw so many celebrities that night it was very surreal. All the boys were jumping up and down in their seats, finally their category came and silence filled the room.

“The Best breakout artist goes to…” The woman said aloud.

Harry squeezed my hand tightly, rocking his leg up and down.

“One Direction” she shouted.

The boys jumped up and down, Harry picked me up spinning us around.

 I hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear “You deserve it”.

He grabbed my face in between his hands and kissed me. I sat down in my seat and they ran on to the stage. They gave their acceptance speech, each taking it in turns to speak. My eyes only focused on Harry, watching his expressions, looking at how happy he was. On a few occasions his eyes wandered to mine, his eyes lighting up.

They came and sat back down and put the trophy in the middle of the table. It was a lot shinier then I expected.

“Congrats guys” I smiled at them all.

“Thanks” they all nodded their heads.

Liam leant close to me and whispered in my ear “Loving the converses” he joked.

I laughed loudly “Are they really obvious?” I asked him.

“No” he smiled.

“I know what we need to do” Louis said excitedly.

“What’s that?” Harry asked.

“Party” Louis shouted.

Everyone cheered, and jumped out of their seats. They said their goodbyes to people they know, and we went. Getting back in the car and driving to the nearest club. We got let in straight away, Harry didn’t let go of my hand pulling me along with them. We danced for most of the night, drinking way too much. My head was spinning, I could barely walk, never drinking again.

The driver made sure we all got home safely, luckily Harry wasn’t drunk so he carried me inside. He took of my dress and tucked me in. I tugged at his arm pulling him down on the bed.

“I am not taking advantage of you” he shook his head.

“I want to talk” I slurred my words.

He lay down beside me “What about?”

“Us?” I’m thankful I’m drunk, because I would never be able to have this conversation sober.

“What about us?” he asked.

I moved closer to him “What happens after the week finishes?”

“We go back to our normal lives” he said closing his eyes.

The pain appeared in my chest that I have gotten so used to. I closed my eyes fighting back the tears. I couldn’t speak, I turned away from him hugging the quilt for comfort.

“I’m sorry” Harry whispered and that was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

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