Oh my Harry

A girl named Kate thought she had everything figured out. She hated One Direction for all the attention they got, she swore never to bow down to them, much to her dismay Harry Styles made it his mission. She was desperate for money and he had lots, so they decided to make a deal. One week doing everything as Harry says. She is determined not to let him get under her skin, but it becomes known that is all he is doing. Can she last a week without fully submitting to him?


13. Chapter 13


“You ready to go?” Harry asked waiting by the door.

“Yeah” I said walking down the stairs. “Do I look okay?” I said twirling around. I didn’t know what to expect from one of these parties.

“You look mighty fine” he smiled at me. “I like that you’re wearing a dress” he winked at me.

“Me too, I also like that I have my own free will tonight” I reminded him, making him pull a face. I couldn’t help but laugh.

We got in the car, he rested his hand on my thigh before I slapped it off.

“Ouch” he whined. “I thought you liked it when I touched you” he laughed.

“I swear to god Harry, please can we have one night without you being an ass?” I asked.

We were interrupted by the driver telling us we were at Jess’s. I got out the car and knocked on her door. I was greeted by her and Louise.

“Damn Kate you look hot” Louise said winking at me.

I rolled my eyes “You both look nice” I smiled at them. “You guys ready to go?” I asked.

“Hell yeah” Jess shrieked.

I laughed and directed them to the car. I got in next to Harry, Jess and Louise sat opposite us.

“Nice ride” Louise smiled at Harry.

“Thanks” he said returning the smile. “You both look nice”.

“Thank you” they both said. I tried to hide my laugh as Jess kicked me in the leg.

We stopped at Liam’s before the party. He got in and sat next to me and Harry.

“Hey guys” he smiled at everyone.

“You look nice” he whispered in my ear.

“Don’t look so bad yourself” I laughed. I felt Harry tense beside me, so I turned away from Liam.

We eventually arrived at the party, Ashley was surprised when we greeted her with Louise and Jess. But she didn’t say anything, she was too happy that One Direction were at her party. She let us in and we were escorted into the living room, which was full of drunken sweaty teenagers.

I actually was having a pretty good time, I danced with Jess and Louise for most of the night. I made sure I didn’t drink, especially at a party like this. I couldn't deal with the embarrassment. Harry on the other hand was completely trashed, girls were throwing there selves at him. He tried turning them away but his head wasn’t really with it. Liam came up to me and asked me to dance, I threw my arms around his neck and swung my hips to ‘Rockstar’.  Every few minutes I checked on Harry to see if he was okay, this time he was no longer in his seat. He began to dance to the music, grabbing a girl’s hip and whispered something in her ear. I rolled my eyes, why does he have to be like this? I continued to dance with Liam ignoring Harry, until I felt him behind me. I turned round to see him standing there angry, he looked directly at Liam.

“Do you mind getting your hands off my girl?” he shouted.

“Harry” I shouted.

“No it’s okay, we need to get him out of here” Liam said to me.

“It’s okay I will do it, can you please make sure Jess and Louise get home all right?”

He nodded his head “Take care of him” he said before turning away.

“I thought he would never leave” Harry whispered in my ear before kissing my neck.

I pulled away from him, and grabbed his arm pulling him out the door. I found his driver and asked him to take us home. He gave me a pity look before helping me put Harry in the car. I did up his seat belt and sat next to him. He tugged at my dressing pulling me closer to him.

“I want you” he murmured his voice slurred.

“It’s the drink talking Harry”

“No, I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you. I didn’t care about sitting in the back, I just wanted to talk to you” he said whilst continuing to pull at my dress.

“Okay” I didn’t really know what to say when he was in this state.

“We’re here” the driver told us.

“Thanks” I smiled at him.

“Do you need any help?” he nodded towards Harry leaning on my shoulder.

“No it’s okay, have a nice night” I said to him before pushing Harry out the car.

He leant on me as I directed him towards his door. I took the key out of his hand and opened it, I managed to help him up the step before shutting the door behind us. I took him into his room, and sat him on the bed. I undid his shirt taking it off, and then his trousers leaving him in his boxers. He wrapped his arms around my back before pulling me on to him so I had either leg around his waist.

“Harry stop” I warned him, before he kissed me on my neck.

“I have my free will tonight” I reminded him for the hundredth time.

“Then do it because you want to” he whispered kissing me on the lips.

I pulled away “I can’t Harry” I tried to get off him but he held me in place. He flipped me over so I was lying on the bed, hovered over me. I needed to say no, I can’t let him get to me. But how can I when he’s on top of me? My body started to take over me as I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him down so his chest was on me. He undid my dress and pulled it off me, leaving us both in our underwear. He undid my bra and pulled off my knickers. He kissed down my body before returning back to my mouth.

“I want you” he lifted my legs up wrapping them around his waist.

“You have me” I let him know he had permission.

He looked at me for a few minutes “Are you sure?” he asked tilting his head.

I nodded, and he smiled. I pulled down his boxers springing him free. He opened one of his draws and pulled out a condom. He put it on and came back to the bed. He grabbed my legs and widened them allowing him access. He pushed himself into me causing me to scream out.

“I’m sorry baby, it will only hurt a little” he tried to reassure me.

He took it slowly before gradually increasing the pace. It hurt a lot at first before it started to feel something more. Faint moans escaped my lips as he got faster and harder. I grabbed onto his hair pulling him to me, he kissed me hard. I looked into his eyes as I released crying out. He released seconds later. He then sunk onto me rolling over so we were next to each other. He placed his hand on the back of my neck pulling me towards him, he planted a kiss on my lips before closing his eyes. I fell asleep that night with my head resting on his bare chest. 

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