My Valentine Is For You

This is about a girl who doesn't have nobody to celebrate Valentine's Day. But one day.. **BUMM** she meet a 1D boy.


1. My Valentine Is For You

    Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  My name is Yetzadis, I'm so sad because nobody love me (that what I think). At school there is a band of guys who I love ...but...they don't know who I am. In school were some rich girls that insult me all day long, they said to me that I am a "nerd". One of that girls named, Lillia take my  book-bag. I start  crying because I was exahusted of the "Same shit differents days" . Then the famous boy of the school named Niall Horan said:

-Stop bothering her!

   I was surprised. I stare at him. Then he get closer and closer to me . Next he wiped out all of my tears . We smiled together and he invited me to the Cafe. We talk  talk about our life.

   Is Valentine's day.  I was at math class and five boys get into the class room. One of those was Niall Horan. My eyes popped out and my hearth was beating so fast. He stood in the center and said:

- Me and my friends want to  devote our new song named " My Valentine is for you"  to........ Yetzadis!

   All the other girls start whispering things about me. I stand up and thanked them. Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry , and Louis  start singing, I was so happy .

   Then Lillia stand up and said:
- I'm so sorry...I don't know why I said that you could never meet the 1D boys . I said that because I never think that this can be happening. I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!

I said:

-Don't worry Lillia....
- Really!!!

- YES!!! Your going to be the same stupid girl of high-school... And thank you 1D to make me feel like a normal girl..

Not like a "nerd".

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