Stay Still

I remember when I was still alive.
When I was normal.
When I was good enough.
But that was awhile ago. Now I’m just this thing. This monster. Who know’s how far I’ll go, but then again, no one even cares.

Tiffany is a fifteen year old girl obsessed with her weight. All she thinks about is the last thing she ate and how soon she will purge it all up.
She knows she has a problem, but denies it all.

Soon her older brother Brad gets discharged out of rehab. He enters her into a new world she's been dying to experience.


7. But I Mean, We're High As Fuck



I’m high for the very first time.

I mean I’ve been high before but it was kind of a mental high from blood pouring from my body,

I don’t do that anymore though.



Everything is so funny. And my head hurts like a bitch! 

And I really want to do some more. 

And so did Brad.




By now Stone was on Brad lap, and I was on Floyd’s. 

Before we went over to the boys after a few lines, we kind of put on a girl on girl show.

But let’s not talk about that right now.

I barely even remember it anyway.

But right now it’s Floyd’s turn. And from what I’m feeling as he reaches the clouds higher and higher, he has a big one.




I’ll be honest...

I am a virgin. Technically. I mean, I almost had sex once with my ex I was dating for a few months. 

I was over at his house, and he chose most the time his mom was gone to go get some cigarettes and whatever the hell else she needed to play Xbox.

So right after we started. 

It was in there for like 2 minutes.

And his mom came knocking on the door.



A few weeks after that, he broke up with me because he found out I didn’t eat a meal for 5 and a half days. 

He insisted he loved me.

But couldn’t handle how fucked up I am.

Not that I am fucked up.

But that’s just the way he put it.




So, I’m an inexperienced bitch. 

But I mean we’re high as fuck, so maybe it just won’t matter as much.

That is, if anything does happen.



We do line, 

after line,

after line.


Until majority of the bag is gone.

We smoked, and snorted.

And promised me he’d get me even better stuff soon, as long as I’d give him a blow job.





So what do I do?

I do everything he wants me to do.


Now I’m not a virgin.

I fucked a girl,

and a guy,

  in the same goddamn night.

I’m not a virgin to drugs anymore either.

And I’m so goddamn happy about that.

But, I’m still trying to figure out what getting me hooked meant. Whether it was hooked with his penis, or drugs. I’m not sure. But I sure as hell loved both.

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