Dangerous (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Will she fall for him? Or just get her heart broken?


3. The Date.

So I went into the kitchen, my mother was giggling.

Shauna: Okay, now what?

Harry: Tonight, I'm taking you out for diner.

Shauna: So, no question? Nothing? Oh, what makes you think I'm going to say yes?

Harry: Hmm ...

Mom: Shauna! Stop it! Harry, it will be ready for 7:00.

Harry: Okay. Thank you miss Sauve.

He flash on his charming smile, showing his dimples, which cracked all the girls. But I had a expresion, he had a lot of experience with girls.

As Djessy told me he had a kind of "game". He charms womens, and then do "things" and then leave them with, this is one of the reasons I did not wanna go into his "game". But yet my mum wants me to.

And then sortat the kitchen.

Mom: Go accompany him to the door!

He was putting his shoes. He turns to me, pinned against the wall, grabs my wirst to be sure I don't move. I kicked the wall, a picture of me, my mother and my father hit the floor.

Mom: What was that?

Harry laughed a little.

Shauna: Nothing, nothing ...

Mom: Okay.

Harry -whispering- : So beautiful, I'll see you tonight.

He pushed my hair blonde and gave me a love-bite on the same place as the previous two times. Anyway, I must have a purple/blue stain in the neck.

He looked at what he had done. He began to laugh.

Harry: Have you seen what I done to your neck?

Shauna: No, but it should be purple/blue?

Harry: Hahaha, I don't know. I just know it looks great on you.

He kissed me and then opens the door. He turned to me.

Harry: Wear someting beautiful.

And slammed the door.

It is 4:45 pm and he sent me a message saying he will come around 6:30. I had not yet chosen what I would wear. I'm still in my pajamas.

I went in the bathroom, oppen the shower. I look at the beautiful spot that I had in the neck. It was not purple/blue, but purple/black. PURPLE/BLACK!

I stood motionless before the mirror.

Shauna-talking to myself-: Well, everything will go well tonight. We will be in public.


I went in my room. Put pink dress. We're going to a restaurant, I don't wanna look poor.

Shauna: Mom! You can come and see if the dress is okay!

The door oppened.

Shauna: But before you can come zipp my zipper, please?

Shauna-turned-: So, what do you think?

Harry: You're beautiful.

It was wierd. How he said it. He didn't have his face like "I want you". He had a shining thing on his eyes.

Shauna: Thank you.

I really wanted to go there ...

Harry: But before you just arêter my friend, Ed, okay?

Shauna: I have to?

Harry: Yeah, you have to.

We went to his car.

It was style "Kidnapper" really scared!

He oppen the door of the car, I went in and then as soon, he shut the door. He locked the car.

As if he did not want me to run away.

Harry: So... you're how old?

Shauna: 18

Harry: Ohh ..

We go into the studio, he had a little red head. It must be "Ed".

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