Dangerous (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Will she fall for him? Or just get her heart broken?


1. Party.

So here I am, my best friend left with her "boyfriend" and left me alone, there is some really creepy weirdos here!

X : Hey, beautiful. How are you doing?
Shauna : Humm... I'm good. Thanks.

I was trying to get away until a large hand pulled me back to him.

X : Hey, hey love, you can't do that to me, I'm the king.

He give ma a love-bite.

X : -Whispering- Beautiful... what's your name?

Shauna : Sh... Shauna...

X : Wow, beautiful, sexy and a cute name.

He give me a other love-bite on the sameplace.

X : -Whispering- Styles, Harry Styles.

No, no! It can't be him... he has a reputation of being dangerous and punching people.

He one nocked a guy so hard he was in a come. Well tht'a what my friends told me.

Shauna : So... Harry...

Harry : Nan... I'll do the talking, you listen, okay?

I nodded.

He let go of my arm.

I started to run. Once a little away from the club I called a taxi to take me home.

Once at home, my mum was out working So a was alone, so I went in the shower and back in my room in only a towel.

I let down the towel, hitting the floor.

I kinda buzzing sound was coming from my bed. It was my phone.

"Thanks, you look pretty gook naked, love ;). Love, Harry xx"

I looked at my window, the blinds was not closed. I approach the windoe, then I realize I was still naked.

Shauna : Shit!
I knew he heard me, I could hear him laughting.

I started searching for clothes. I found a "TEENAGE RUNAWAY" shirt and a pear of shorts.

Then I got a other text, from Harry.

"You know, don't need to put clothes on, you are beautiful naked too. Love, Harry xx"

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