Dangerous (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Will she fall for him? Or just get her heart broken?


2. Morning.

"Harry, how did you get my number?"

"Love, what did i say? I talk, you listen. xx"

"Well now we're texting, not the same thing!"

"It's surprising how you don't realize when someone picks your phone from your back pocket ;). xx"

Then I saw him get in his car. So I went to bed.


I woke up, got down stares.

Shauna : Good morning mum.

Mum : Good morning love. Your friend is here.

Shauna : Lili?

Mum : No, this handsome, charming young man, named Harold, but he told me to call himm Harry.

Her last word was still going throw my mind.

Mum : Shauna!

Shauna : Yes?

Mum : He is on the couch, go say hi to him!

So I did as my mum told me too.

Shauna : Hi Harold.

Harry : Hey beautiful. It's sexy when you say that but I don't like it so, Harry!

Shauna : Yeah, yeah. I'll do what I want.

He was still watching Sponge Bob.

Shauna : Anyway, my mum said thet if you wanted pancakes you can have some.

I felt his large hand holding me back.

Harry : Did you forget something?

He pucker up his lips.

Shauna : And you? Your invitation?

Harry : No. I meat my kiss.

Shauna : Ahahaha, you really think I'm gonna kiss you?

Harry : Well, I get what I want so...

He grab my hand and pushed me againt the wall.

Harry : So... basically... let me kiss you.

At the end of his sentence he kissed me, well, it was kinda cute.


Harry : Yes darling?

Why was he calling my mum "darling" it's just creepy.

I heard my mum say "Oh my God! Really?! Aww you are so sweet!!!"

Mum : Love! Come in the kitchen.

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