Im yours

My sister and i are on a trip to Doncaster to get away for a bit. We are gunna have so much fun this year! We meet some cute boys on the way called one direction!


7. Wonder

Alyssa's P.O.V

So i went to go see why Harry was so glum. * knock knock* "Harry its me Alyssa please let me in" . He let me in his room and it looked like he was crying. "Harry whats wrong". " N-nothing im just quite alright". "Harry i know somethings wrong you gotta tell me sometime. Im not leaving this room until you tell me". "Alyssa its really nothing really. Its just, nevermind can you please get out now" he asked this time a bit stern. "Alright" i said as i kissed his cheek. I went downstairs to go ask Liam. "Liam whats wrong with Harry he wont tell me but im hoping you can and i promise i wont tell please" i said with my puppy dog eyes.

Harry's P.O.V

I felt so bad that i said that to her. Stupid nerves. She kissed my cheek? What i thought shes with Niall though... Ugh life is hard. She probably meant that kiss friend wise. I wish it was more than that though. I sat down and just cried until i had no more tears. I really like her. How am i going to tell Niall?

Liam's P.O.V

She wants me to tell her but how? Is she going to tell Niall if i tell her? Ugh.. "Alyssa i will only tell you if you dont tell Niall i told you. Okay"? "Yes i promise i wont please tell me"she said. "Well Harry has a bit of a crush on you". "WHAT"she yelled, which was reasonable. "Shhhhhhh be quiet". "Doesnt he know that im with Niall, i mean i love you all but as friends doesnt he know that"? she said. "Well yes he knows but he just likes you for who you are and thinks your beautiful". " OMG i need to talk to him please Liam". "Okay okay just quiet". " Got it, Love you Liam" she said as she kissed my cheek.

Louis' POV

I went to go see Jill and she needed to talk to me. "Hey love whats on your mind". "Babe, well i know bout Harry and Alyssa."she said worried. "Love just dont tell him please". "Okay babe i wont" she said as she pressed her lips against mine. Shes the best. She grabbed my hand and we went downstairs to go eat lunch. There was nothing there. " Hello, food anywhere"? No-one responded. I went upstairs again and got Alyssa for a quick minute. "Food Alyssa PLEASE"." Alright Lou" she said. "What do you guys want". "How bout tacos". "Okay tacos it is". The tacos were done within about 20 minutes. They are delicious. "Alyssa these are the best thing ive had all day" " Thanks Lou" Then she washed dishes. "Babe you dont need to wash dishes"Niall said kissing her lips. " okay thanks Niall". Then she brought Harry food. Tacos were his fav...

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