Im yours

My sister and i are on a trip to Doncaster to get away for a bit. We are gunna have so much fun this year! We meet some cute boys on the way called one direction!


9. Niall, Please

Niall's POV

Right now i could just die. Im already dieing inside so whats the point. "Niall open up please" it was Liam. "What Liam". "Alyssa is really upset are u going to break up with her? Please dont its not her. Niall please". Was i going to break up with her? I dont know anymore. I love her. " I dont know Liam ill get back to u later". Just thinking about the words " I wanna show you off to all of my friends,makin then drool on their chiney chin chins baby be mine tonight mine tonight baby be mine tonight yeah" revolves to her. No, im not losing what i have. I love her, she is MY princess. Harry can not ruin what we have.

Liam's POV

I really do feel bad for them. He wont break up with her. Shes to good to let go.

Harry's POV

I ruin everything. Hes gunna kill me. why do i have to ruin everyones life??

Jill's POV

Niall better not break her heart if he does imma break him. Sorry angry takes over me sometimes. I went to go see Niall but i hear him crying so i grab Alyssa and throw her into Nialls room and put the chair to lock the door until they make up. He will never let her go. Trust me.

Alyssa's POV

Jill locked me in the room with Niall. Oh lets see how this works out. "Niall i wouldnt choose Harry over you, I LOVE YOU NIALL" that just plopped out of my mouth. How smart Alyssa.. "Alyssa I love you too, and why didnt u just tell me". "Cause i know u would be like this Niall". "Just promise me you will be honest with me no matter what". "I promise Niall James Horan, i promise". and with that he kissed me. They all clapped and cheered with joy. " Time to go see Harry everyone". "HARRY" Louis screamed loudly. Haha no wonder why Jill is dating him. Perfect match. "Guys you know what time it is right"? "WAKE UP SONG" Zayn said. "Yep" i said.

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