Im yours

My sister and i are on a trip to Doncaster to get away for a bit. We are gunna have so much fun this year! We meet some cute boys on the way called one direction!


10. News and Old friends

Alyssa's POV

We finally woke Harry up with the one of a kind 'Wake up song'. After a little while i went to sleep. I think i had a nightmare or something because Niall walked into my room asking me if i was okay. I had a dream about my father Steve and my mother Emma. They got into a car accident. I got up and rushed to the phone and dialed their number. My dad Steve picked up the phone and said "Hello who is this"? "Dad its me Alyssa and Jill are you and mom okay"? "Well mom is in the hospital. She got into an accident. Where are you"? "Oh my gosh i cant believe it. We are in Doncaster where are you"? "In Ireland. I have a traveling job now so i have to go Alyssa bye i love you". "I love you to. Keep me updated on mom please." i said as a tear rolled down my face. I went outside and just sat on the bench until Jill came out. "Hey whats wrong"? "Mom got into an accident and shes somewhere in London." "Oh my gosh. We have to see her." " We cant. i dont know where she is". Jill had a tear roll down her face and went inside to go tell Louis. Niall walked out and so did Liam. "Babe whats wrong?" " M-My mom is in London in the hospital somewhere and i dont know where she is". He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me. " I love you Niall". "I love you too".

Jill's POV

I can believe moms in the hospital and Steve is not with her. Ugh that Steve. Alyssa and i call him Steve because hes our step- father. Our father died of lung cancer. "Louis?" i said frantically. "YES LOVE" he said screamin from upstairs. i ran to him and he jumped out of his room and scared me. "LOUIS you scared the crap outta me". He just laughed and then i started to cry. "Love whats wrong"? "Well my mom is in the hospital in London". He grabbed my and kissed me and said "Im sorry love. I love him.

Alyssa's POV

I looked at my phone and saw 1 missed call. I redialed the number. "Hello who is this"? "Uh Sasha do you not remember me?" "SASHA omg where are you? how have u been"? "Well im in Doncaster and im good how are you"? "OMG im in Doncaster too! We should meet up how bout tomorrow at the coffee shop. At 8:00"? "Okay see you then byee". I love Sasha. She is in love with Liam too.... This is gunna be good!

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