Starlight, Starbright

In a land far, far away, there's a world that you could never have imagined. This place has no name. But it is home to numerous cats. Everything about this world is mysterious from it's blossoming, bright springs, lush, emerald summers, colorful, fiery autumns, and white, sparkling winters. In this story we trace the steps of a young heroine. From the moment she realizes what life is really about to the very second she dies. A tale of friendships and sorrows, heartbreaks and heroes, a broken connection between two sisters, a murder mystery, and a conclusion no one suspected...


27. I'm Not One For Dressing Up


I stood absolutely motionless, and listened to the commotion around me. I couldn't move.

Dots danced before my eyes, mocking me.

I could hear them calling my name, but I couldn't seem to move.

The world spun around me.


That was the last thing I heard before I fainted.


It was silent when I came to. I opened my eyes slowly. There wasn't anyone there.

I looked around. I was in my room.

The dark purple shades were drawn closed. My crimson covers were pulled up to my chin. I sat up, the sheets spilling over my thighs. I let out a shaky sigh.

My thoughts churned in head like it was a cement mixer. Or, a thought mixer in this case.

I shut my eyes tight. Then flipped back the covers and got up.

A gown lay on the chair in front of my reading table.

It was a deep crimson, with gold stars patterned on it.

I held it up in front of me.

A tag dangled from it.

It said;


My dearest Fire,

You know I will always love you, even if I'm not there physically.

This is for you, my little one. It was one of my gowns, but it never looked good on me.

I knew you'd want a reason as to why I'm giving you this.

So I have instructed your father to hand it to you when he feels you have proved that you are capable of  leading this kingdom.

Wear it to the celebration, my dear.



P.S. I will always love you.


A tear slid silently down my cheek.

I hugged the dress to my chest, and gulped down a sob.

"I love you too, Mother." I whispered.

"And I miss you,"

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