Starlight, Starbright

In a land far, far away, there's a world that you could never have imagined. This place has no name. But it is home to numerous cats. Everything about this world is mysterious from it's blossoming, bright springs, lush, emerald summers, colorful, fiery autumns, and white, sparkling winters. In this story we trace the steps of a young heroine. From the moment she realizes what life is really about to the very second she dies. A tale of friendships and sorrows, heartbreaks and heroes, a broken connection between two sisters, a murder mystery, and a conclusion no one suspected...


26. How Could You?


I was scared. I admit it.

But I reacted on instinct and ran towards the sound.

Everyone surged after me.

My feet pounded against the ground. I stopped and listened. The forest was absolutely silent.

Father burst out behind me. I ignored him and swerved my ears around.


I turned to face Father. He frowned.


I jumped.

"Let's go!" Father waved with his tail.

My feet skimmed the ground. I tore ahead of the group.

"HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I skidded to a halt.

"Father!" I called. "It's coming from near the castle!"

I sped towards the sound. It sounded like it was coming from someone young. That made me go faster. I burst out of the trees.

A little kitten crouched on the ground.

She was gray with black stripes. I couldn't see her eyes from here. A hiss reached my ears.

A black and yellow snake towered over the kit. I leaped forward into the fight.

"Stand back!" I cried, leaping in front of the kit. I didn't quite know if I was talking to her or the snake.

Either way, my battle training surged forward and I swiped my extended claws across its cheek. I ducked as it spit out venom. I really hoped the kitten had done what I had told her and got back. I didn't have time to check.

I flattened my ears and leaped around it. Let me tell you, it's not easy fighting a snake. Time seemed to slow down. I gritted my teeth and dodged its venom blows. Finally I tore my claws into its throat. The snake swayed and thrashed before lying perfectly still.

It was dead.

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