Starlight, Starbright

In a land far, far away, there's a world that you could never have imagined. This place has no name. But it is home to numerous cats. Everything about this world is mysterious from it's blossoming, bright springs, lush, emerald summers, colorful, fiery autumns, and white, sparkling winters. In this story we trace the steps of a young heroine. From the moment she realizes what life is really about to the very second she dies. A tale of friendships and sorrows, heartbreaks and heroes, a broken connection between two sisters, a murder mystery, and a conclusion no one suspected...


14. Future Queen In Training


"Being the princess can be a lot of work, but trust me, it can be lots of fun too!"

I hold my breath as Aqua wraps up her presentation, silently willing Ms. Pollin not to pick me to go next.

"Let's see...Fireflame, you may go next." She smirked at me so no one noticed. I stood up and shuffled to front of the room.

I took a deep breath and started:


My name is Fireflame Erica Harrison.

And I am future queen, heir to the throne of this kingdom.





And this is my story...








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