Starlight, Starbright

In a land far, far away, there's a world that you could never have imagined. This place has no name. But it is home to numerous cats. Everything about this world is mysterious from it's blossoming, bright springs, lush, emerald summers, colorful, fiery autumns, and white, sparkling winters. In this story we trace the steps of a young heroine. From the moment she realizes what life is really about to the very second she dies. A tale of friendships and sorrows, heartbreaks and heroes, a broken connection between two sisters, a murder mystery, and a conclusion no one suspected...




Annual So You Think You Can Dream:

Name                                                          Grade                                           Talent

Oliver Cavern                                                 11                                                singing- What Makes You Beautiful

Shontel Founder                                                           11                                                 dancing- Cry

Olivia Cavern and Lily Machining   11                        singing- Glad You Came

Courtney Fletcher                                        9                                                piano- Jar Of Hearts

Selinna Douvant                                             10                                                dancing- Party Rock Anthem

Ottawa Cappuccino and Nolan Pegasus           11                                               dancing- Beauty and the Beat

Elise Fletcher                                                              10                                                                cup singing

Jazmine Haven                                               9                                                  flute- Party In The USA

Eva, Sheema and Beyla Cliffhord               10, 9                                           singing- Tell Me A Lie

Riley Stuart and Sandy Hodger            11                                              piano and singing- Dance Tonight


I scanned the sign up sheet, curiously.

"What's that?"

I spun around to see Charles and Conner standing behind me.

"Oh, this?"

I gestured to the paper.

Charles nodded.

"Oh, this is for our talent show. The teachers call it the Annual So You Think You Can Dream, but I call it the ASYTYCD." I explained.

Charles smiled. "Cool. Aren't you going to join?"

I shook my head. "No."

"You have to have some talent." Conner tipped his head.

"I used to play the guitar." I admitted.

Charles studied the sheet. "Well, I'm joining." He said.


Charles Sky                                               11                                                    drums/singing- Moves Like Jagger


"Aqua mentioned this a little earlier." He turned to look at me.

I leaned forward. "You play the drums?"

Conner snorted.

"I'm surprised you don't know. He's always bragging about it." He grinned as Charles glared at him.

"Now," He checked his watch. "I had better get going."

Charles shook his head. "Ignore him."

I tried not to smile but failed.

Charles put his hand over mine.

"And now," He said, lifting my hand. "You are gonna join the ASYTYCD."

"I-I really don't think I should."

"That's right. You don't think, you know you should."


"Go on,"

I took the pen and added my name reluctantly.


Fire Harrison                                                 11                                                                           guitar/singing- Just So You Know

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