Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


19. What happens in the tent, stays in the tent!


Sarah's P.O.V.       So anyway like I said I sat around the fire holding Niall's hand i look up towards the sky on that clear beautiful night speckled with stars, I wish upon a star and think back on our wonderful week at the Carsons campground.  Wondering what I did to deserve such an amazing life friends, boyfriends and a lacking of family. this trip has proved itself worthy of extreme gratitude!       "I'm hungry" I whisper to Niall        " that's my girl" he whispers back        "S'MORES!" Maddie and Louis scream in unison          "Then I guess it's settled" says Liam in a quiet voice  Nobody noticed Liam and Michelle snuggling in the dark namely because they were both so quiet. Vipra and Zayn spring up and go to the kitchen tent probably very grateful to get some alone time. When they finally returned half an hour later Zayn face was covered in lipstick and his shirt was on inside out. But his pants were fine. Vipra looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up. I just rolled my eyes.          "Where's the stuff for s'mores?" Vipra and Zayn looked at each other          "Oops!" They said together. They ran back inside with each other then came out with the stuff...ten more minutes later. "vipra, can i talk to you?" i ask "sure!" she says not moving. "...alone?"  "oh ya sure lets go." we walk into the tent. "whats got into you?" i practically scream at her. "what?" she backs away. "you met an international popstar less than a day ago and youve already made out with him and, from the looks of things, had sex with him!" i scream she triew to talk but i inturupt again. "and if you are doing this just to get back at that jerk nick, who cheated on you, this is definatly NOT the way!" i could see the tears in her eyes. I know i hit a soft spot bringing up nick. Vipra had dated nick for 3 years until 2 weeks ago she found out he had been dating someone else for 2 years. She was completly crying by now, i felt bad though. I hugged her. "im sorry i didnt mean it just a little on edge right now,with riley and all, sorry." i sighed. I know i shouldnt have said that. "no its ok. Your right. It subcontously probably was about that, but i do really like zayn. And i understand about the whole riley thinh. It is stressful, hell its stressful to see you, one of my best friends, like this. Well fix it, i promise. We are all here for you!" she says hugging me back. I smile. "now lets get back out there!" she nods wiping away the tears. We head back out side and re-join the group.
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