Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


13. what happened


               Sarah's P.O.V.             I heard some moving around out side and some hushed voices so I assumed Maddie was here. I grabbed vipra and we ran outside.                  "MADDIE!!!!!!" Vipra called                 "Hey..." Replied Maddie                  "What's wrong" I asked                 "Sarah, can I talk to you alone?" Asked Maddie                 "Umm...sure" I was starting to get worried. We went in side and sat down. she sat down on my bed and I sat down opposite of her.                 "This is kind of hard to say but..." She trailed off.                 "What???" I asked, well more like demanded!"                 "It's about Niall..."                 "Oh my god Maddie what the hell happened?" I screamed at her!                  "Well, we got there and then..." She took a deep breath "Riley showed up."                    "Oh my god"                   "He called you a bitch to nialls face and..."                   "AND?!?!?!?"                   "Niall punched him, he broke Niall's arm and pulled out a knife. He threatened me, then Louis took the knife, said some stuff about my ass. Then I punched Riley in the back of the neck. Bottom line, there was a bar fight. Niall will be back soon." She said quickly in one breath. She smiled really big         "!" I felt terrible its my fault if I hadn't run off if I hadn't been such a...a...a bitch to Niall he would be here fine. Not injured! This is my fault I began to cry.                 Louis P.O.V.                   We were all pretty shocked at what had just gone down but damn, Maddie was something else I looked at her just before she punched Riley. I saw the look in her eyes, it was the same look she gave me before she slapped me on the beach. I was really worried about her. When we got to Sarah's camp site maddie went inside with Sarah and I was left with Michelle and some random girl, another friend of Sarah's I guess.                    "Oh, my, fucking, god" i didn't know this girls name but she just kept saying that. I laughed. "You are fucking Louis Tomlinson!"                "Oh hell ya I am!!" I said, she laughed. I heard her say something under her breath. I think it was wow. Just then Maddie and Sarah came out of the tent. Sarahs eyes were wet from what i guessed to be crying. she went over to the girl, and Maddie came next to me. I tried putting my arm around her to see if she would let me. She looked at my arm for a second then pushed it off and looked like she was gonna slap me again so I backed away.                "Louis, this is vipra." Maddie said hesitantly.               "Hi love!" I said holding out my hand for her to shake it. She just stared at it. I slowly pulled away and we all  laughed.               "Umm everyone this is Michelle" I said she smiled a bit probably still very worried about Niall. "He's gonna be fine." I whispered to her. "She's dating Liam!"                "Wait," said vipra "Liam Payne?" She asked                "Ya..." I said. She looked at Sarah.                "You met more than one of them?" She whisper yelled.                "Not technically no, but I guess you could say that" Sarah looked at me and I winked at her. Michelle looked at Sarah she couldn't take her eyes off her.                "thats Sarah?" She whisper to me in shock.               "I guess." She was extremely beautiful. Niall really wasn't exaggerating. I heard her whisper wow or damn. I couldn't tell which.              Sarah's P.O.V.                 They were whispering. What were they whispering about?                 "What?" I asked                 "It's just that, Niall really wasn't lying when he said you were the most beautiful girl he'd ever laid eyes on!" Michelle said. I started to blush.                  "He said that?" I could believe my ears.                 "Ya he did. He really likes you!" Said Louis. I must be dreaming! He likes me? I have to talk to him!                 "When's he getting here?" I asked           "Who?" Louis asked but stopped himself. he knew damn well who he just wanted to ask! "Um I don't know I'll go text Liam!" He said he went into the tent and Maddie followed.            Louis P.O.V.         I looked up to see Maddie had followed me into the tent. That made me excited!         "Hey love!" I said         "Hi" she looked nervous.         "What's wrong love?" I asked         "Nothing..."         "Did you dad work at a bakery?" She looked confused "cause you got some nice buns!"         "You're such a bastard!" She pushed me over causing the tent to fall over and her land on me, not that I minded know. Our faces inches apart I slowly leaned in for a kiss, not that I expected her to kiss back but I wanted to try. I softly kissed her lips our body's molded together. She kissed me back! I was so happy! I didn't want the moment to end. I pulled away.         "So how am I a bastard?" I laughed. She just started kissing me again.          "I changed my mind..."         "How so?" I asked         "Now your just a douche bag!" she started kissing me yet again. I laughed. Her lips were so soft.         "Oh just get a room you two!" Michelle screamed startling me and Maddie got up. I sat up, Maddie still on my lap.          "May we help you?" She asked I laughed.           "Nope just wanted to know why the tent fell over!" Exclaimed Sarah. She was looking directly at Maddie grinning from ear to ear! The three of them left and Maddie and I started up where we left off.            "I" "should" "check" "on" " Sarah" she said between kisses. I had my shirt off by now! How did It come off in the first place?          "Uhg fine!" I said she got up and left the tent. I just sat there and smiled going over what just happened! I was so happy!           Liam's P.O.V.        Niall finished getting his cast on and we were in the car on our way back to the camp site! Niall just looked out the window. I saw my phone light up.          "Niall mind checking that mate?" I asked           "Sure!" He looked at my phone and immediately lit up! "She, she wants to talk to me!!!" He said with excitement "Sarah, she wants to talk to me!!!!"           "That's great Nialler!" Harry said in the back I almost forgot he was there he was so quiet.          "Hurry hurry!" Niall pushed me         "Calm down I'm going the speed limit!" I screamed laughing!         "GO GO GO!!" He screamed I've never seen him so happy. I'm glad she decided to talk to him!
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