Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


16. Truth or dare


Renee's P.O.V.         When Niall and Sarah's parents heard we were staying they decided to go back home so it was just us 'kids'.         Now that we were staying I could tell Harry was excited, I could almost see his boner! wasn't looking down there! Forget I said anything!  Anyways me, Harry, Louis and Maddie are sharing a tent. It's pretty big so we hung a sheet in the middle so we couldn't see each other. Me and Harry were talking when he leaned in and kissed me. Typical Harry. We were sitting there making out for about ten minutes when we heard laughing. We went over to their side to see what was happening.         "Hi guys!" Maddie said cheerily          "Hey!" We both replied "what's going on?" I asked         "We were just talking about how much we have in common." Replied Louis "there's actually a lot about us that's the same!"         "Oh really?" Harry asked         "Ya there is!" Maddie challenged him. We went back over to our side and continued where we left off...making out! Oh how I love the perverted Harry!        Maddies P.O.V.          Me and Louis were laughing so hard at the fact that we had so much in common when we started hearing...noises. We quietly looked over to see Harry shirtless and pants less under Renee who was topless as well. They didn't notice us so we kind of started to quietly laugh. I decided to try to make Louis jealous by starring at Harry and bitting my lip. He saw me and pulled me away we decide to go over to Niall and Sarah's camp site. When we got there vipra and Zayn were also there. That must mean either something's up or they're playing a game!        Zayns P.O.V.          We were playing truth or dare at Sarah and Niall's campsite when Maddie and Louis showed up. That meant the game was gonna stop or get much more interesting considering me and vipra weren't technically a couple yet! but I was hoping to be one some time soon. And I'm pretty sure she'd be fine with that!        "What'chya doing?" Asked Maddie        "Playing truth or dare!" Replied Sarah "come join us!" She said. Good they'd be joining that meant I'd get to kiss Vipra! Yay!         "You go first Maddie!" Said Niall.        "Yay!" Said Maddie "um...who to choose, who to choose? Ok Zayn! Truth or dare!" She picked me! And judging by the fact that she's into Louis, she probably has a very wrong mind!         "Dare!" I said. I think I saw Vipra's face lit up!          " have to make out-making sexual noises-for 1 minute with any one in the room! Boy or girl!" Vipra was looking right at me with the 'pick me' face! So I went over to beside her and slowly leaned in for a kiss. it had been about five seconds of pure bliss when Maddie reminded us about the 'sexual noises'. I started to make some noises which somehow caused her to move closer to me! her body was moving to the sounds.         "Ok 5...4...3...2...1! You guys can stop now!" Maddie said giggling. I felt Vipra started to pull away but I stopped her. "Guys? Umm guys?" Maddie said "you guys can stop its been more then a minute!" I didn't want to stop then I felt two hands on my back pulling me away and I felt Vipra being pulled away too. I opened my eyes to see Louis pulling me away and Sarah pulling her away I sighed but didn't object. She looked disappointed. I was too but it was my turn to pick. I decided to see how far Sarah and Niall would go!         "Sarah, truth or dare!" I asked        "Dare!"         "Remove one article of clothing then make out with Niall for 2 minutes! Shoes, socks, sweaters ect. Don't count!" I said grinning hugely. I looked at Niall, he had the biggest smile plastered on his face! This was gonna be good!!       "Ok!" Said Sarah removing her shirt. She scooted over to Niall, got up and sat on his lap, I smiled. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started to make out with him! I don't think we're gonna be able to stop them! uh oh...       Sarah's P.O.V.         When Zayn gave me that dare I  looked at Niall his face lit up so much and he had the biggest smile! I was so happy we got that dare! I went over to him shirtless and started making out. About half a minute in I started taking off his shirt. We somehow got it over his cast and off his head without once stopping the kiss! We rolled back onto the bed and started to strip. Are we really doing this? I just met the kid! I don't care! it felt right! I still had on my pant and everything but all he had was boxers!         "Oh get a room!" Maddie said quoting Michelle from earlier.         "We have one you people are just in it!" Replied Niall snidely! I laughed.         "Well I wanna keep playing so put you clothes back on!" Snapped Maddie. We got dressed again and returned to the game. Although I was disappointed that we didn't do it I figure it was for the better! We finished the game and went to bed around 2:00am!  
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