Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


14. the talk


         Nialls P.O.V         When we got to the camp ground I jumped out of the car and headed straight for Sarah's camp site! I saw her from far away but she didn't see me! Thank god I wanted to surprise her I slowly walked along the road hopping she would notice me before I passed her site. She did!           "Oh my god it's fucking Niall James Horan!!" Her friend noticed first though. She turned around. Shocked.          "Oh my god Niall!" Sarah screamed and ran towards me. She hugged me. It hurt my arm a bit but I didn't care! Sarah was hugging me! "Are you ok!" She pulled me inside away from everyone else which strangely turned me on...A lot! Anyways when we were alone she started to rub my arm and back.         "I'm sorry..." She said quietly.        "For what?" I asked        "For kissing you then running away and for Riley. That was all my fault. Sorry."         "That's ok babe, I don't mind"         "Good..."        "If your ok with it we could re-do the  moment with out you running off this time?" I offered. She nodded her head. I leaned in and softly kissed her on the lips she kissed back and I felt sparks fly through my body! I truly was magical! I felt her muscle loosen and her pull forwards towards me not once stopping the kiss! She was running her hands through my hair and kissing even more passionately. I loved that she was now on top of me when of course, Maddie walks in!        "May we help you?" Sarah asked smirking.         "Nope just checking up on you!" She smiled      "well feel free to leave any time!"      "Nah I think I'll stay here for a while she sat down on the bed opposite to us. She looked right at me. Her eyes burning a hole through my head! I sigh and started to kiss Sarah again completely ignoring Maddie! Sarah caught on quickly and started making some very sexual sounds causing me to laugh but oh well! Maddie laughed but then got up to leave. After she left Sarah started to pull away.         "im also sorry for trying to take your comfort food!" we both laughed but I pulled her closer and kissed her again until I heard a shriek out side. we both got up and ran out side!          "Vipra!" Sarah said then walked over to her friend "drama queen!" She muttered. Vipra was in zayns arms from pretending to pass out having him catch her! Wow!        "What?" She asked innocently
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