Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


20. The river


Sarah's P.O.V.       For one insane moment the reality that I was sharing a s'more with Niall Horan seemed unreal. I giggled when he insisted on feeding me but got the chocolate all over my face           "Looks like Someone needs to clean up" says Maddie in an evil voice        " maybe a dunk in the river?" Says Louis in an equally menacing voice  Before I knew it I was being carried between Liam and Zayn down the rocky path I knew would lead to the river! 1..... Shouts zayn! 2....... Everyone counts ! 3...........but it was lost through the sound of water in my ears...            Niall's pov      We all stood there laughing for a little bit but when Sarah hasn't come up yet I panicked.      "What the hell did you do?!" I screamed.  I took off my shirt but Harry's hand stops me.      " no, the current is too strong!"      "Then why the fuck would you throw her in????"       "I didn't realize until she was in!" He defended I didn't care what he said. Nothing in the world can stop me from jumping in. I finally found the girl of my dreams and I was NOT about to loose her again!       "I'm going in!" I announced continuing to take if my shirt.       "Niall the currents to strong! You can't!" Said Michelle. I looked at her. She looked really worried for me. "I almost lost you once I'm not going to let it happen again!" She was more demanding now.          "Michelle, Sarah means the world to me and I can't let her go. I don't know what I'd do with out her." I said almost in tears. She hesitated but nodded her head. "Thank you!" I said and jumped in.        Sarah's P.O.V.     Since everyone thought it was so funny to throw me in I decided to see how funny they thought it was when I didn't come up. My 9 years as a swimmer really come in handy at a time like this. I had only been under for like a minute when I felt a rush at my side, familiar hands around my waist. I looked over to see Niall at my side pulling me up.         "Sup?" I asked like it was no big deal. i wasn't gasping or air or anything. He didn't answer he just pulled me to shore and dragged me on land. "What's wrong?" I asked         "What do you mean what's wrong? You didn't come up I went in to save you!" He said          "Niall I'm a swimmer! I wasn't even under for that long!" I replied "it wasn't even a minute!"          "I thought you almost died!" He says quietly          "Well Aren't you my hero?" I mock. He just looks down in the ground embarrassed.      "You know I love you." I say sympathetically.     "I love you too..." He replies quietly.     Then this time we both lean in to    kiss. And that's when I realize  that I'm in love with this boy.  Nialls pov When you first feel love you dont recognize it. Its not until your on the brink of loosing them that it finally sinks in. Its really something. Butterflies everytime you see them, feeling drunk when you kiss, falling in love all over again when you touch. Sparks, fireworks, and never wanting to leave their grip. These all mean love. LOVE! The feeling of dying everytime you have to let go. Everyone deserves this feeling, however very few actually get it. If you get this feeling you are truly blessed. I am truly blessed. I have this feeling. Loss, butterflies, drunk, falling in love all over again, sparks, fireworks, dying. Im dying inside everytime i cant see you. Love. This all amounts to love. I am in love. It can not be denied. 
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