Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


26. the dream...again?

Sarah's P.O.V "I love you too babe!" He whispers back. I really love him. The way he is the way he walks. How he looks his accent. I look over at Maddie. She's curled up sleeping on Louis. Louis looks a little stressed. Oh god! No, he's not! I'm scared to look but I do. Louis has a boner! Ewwwwwww!!!! Louis's P.O.V. 'Control yourself Louis! Control yourself! Personal pep talks often work but this was getting no where! But she was just so hot! But weirdly she was really pale and her hand that was resting on my thigh was really cold and clammy. Just then she started shaking and she tightened her grip on my leg. Oh god! This was Not helping with my little problem! She was shaking even more. I started to get scared. What's going on? "Sarah..." I look at Sarah. "Oh my god..." Sarah's P.O.V. "Sarah..." Louis says to me. I look away from Niall. "Oh my god..." What I saw was not good! Maddie. Shaking, sweaty and pale. Really pale! Even paler than normal. I wonder if its different this time. Maddie's P.O.V. They're coming closer. They won't stop! MAKE THEM STOP!!!! It froze. Wait, it froze? What are they? I try to touch but can't. They're moving! No stop. They're opening their mouths. I try to scream but nothing comes out . Closer, closer, CLOSER!!! It's mouth is an inch away. I finally face the fact that I'm going to die when my eyes flutter open. I look up to see everyone's attention on me. I'm still in Louis lap like when I fell asleep. "Maddie!" Sarah screams. "..." I try to talk but I can't. This dream it was...different I wasn't in a room this time I was on a boat with a man and woman. But it was like I was looking in from outside. Like I could see them but they couldn't see me. And the figures they looked like they were surrounded by water. I kept thinking back to the dream. Why was it different? What changed? I don't understand. "Liam pull over!" Sarah's says and Liam follows orders. "But we can't stay too long. We do have a plane to catch!" Says Liam. I sit up off Louis and unbuckle my seat belt. Sarah and Vipra both get out of the car and they help me out. When we out I break down in tears and they surround me in a group hug. "It was different..." I say. Sarah gasped "What do you mean?" Asks Vipra. "I was in a boat, not a room and the figures were surrounded by water. And there were to other people. A man and woman. I could see them but they couldn't see me. It was so weird!" I say. Sarah's P.O.V. I was speechless. Different? Why was it different. And for some reason I felt the need to ask about her parents death because I still don't know how it happened. But this was probably a bad time for that. "We should probably get going." Says Maddie. "Are you gonna be ok?" I ask "Ya," she says "and I should probably tell Louis and everyone about the dream now..." "You don't have to do that if you don't want to." Says Vipra. "I sure, ill be fine!" She gives us a weak smile. I nod my head. We head back to the car. "I have something to tell you all!" Maddie announces when we're back on the road.   A/N CLIFF HANGER!!!  ok im done for the day! hope you like. i know my chapters are short, but they get longer as the story goes on. and also i know my writting sucks but please stay with the story! love you all!
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