Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


10. the bar


               Nialls P.O.V.           I was just sitting there drinking a beer when this kid comes over and whispers the most fucked up thing in my ear.                "So what happened between you and that bitch Sarah?" I was so pissed I just stood up and punched him square in the face!                "DON'T EVER CALL HER THAT!!!!!" I screamed. then he grabbed me by the arm, twisted it behind my back, I heard a huge crack and felt a jolt of pain run through my arm. It was like 100 watts of electricity ran through my arm! After that I blacked out.                   Louis P.O.V.             As soon as Niall fell to the floor I could tell he was unconscious. Then Maddie got up  "what the hell are you doing here riley??" she screamed. riley? whos that? maddie went right to him and punched him in the arm. I could tell it didn't hurt because as soon as she did he grabbed her by the neck and pulled out a knife.               "You got a nice ass!" he whispered to her. That made me mad! Partly because she's mine and partly because my ass is way better!                    "One more step and she gets it!" He said to all of us. My heart was beating so fast. I don't know came over me I just stepped forwards and grabbed the knife from him!               "Let her go!" I said almost screaming. He pushed her to the ground. I ran to her she was very weak. Coughing she reached up to me. I could tell she was acting but I went with it.                 "Don't let me go..." She said just as she said that she suddenly got like super human powers and grabbed the knife from me and sprung up!                 "Nice try but I don't fall that easy!" I could believe it! I kinda just sat there until I saw him fall to the ground. Maddie punched him, much harder this time, in the back of the neck!                 "Her ass is out of your league, dude!" I shouted then looked at Maddie and winked. she smiled then rolled her eyes and walked away.                That's when I realized Niall was still on the ground but Harry  Zayn and Renee were around him I went over to them to ask where Michelle and Liam was. All they could do was point to the corner I went over trying to look through the crowd. That's when I saw Michelle and Liam in a corner. Michelle was in sitting down, in tears, and Liam was comforting her.               "Are you ok?" I asked. Liam got up and pulled me away.               "She's so sad," he mentioned almost in tears "she doesn't think he wake up"               "He will," I assured him "ill go talk to her." I walked over to Michelle. She was still balling her eyes out. I felt so bad.               "You doing ok?" I asked sympathetically.               "Oh, I didn't notice you..." She said. She looked up at me and her eyes were red and puffy from crying.               "He'll be ok." I reassured her "I promise"               "He has to be," she said starting to cry again "I don't know what I'd do with out him!"               "Shhh, don't cry, he'll be fine don't worry!" I said even though I wanted to cry.                 Maddies P.O.V.           When I looked over and saw Louis talking to Michelle, I hated it, but I got extremely jealous! I don't know why but just the way he was so close to her, It made me mad!  I couldn't stand it that's when I realized I did have actual feelings for him.                "Maddie!" He called. "Can you come here?"                "Coming!" I called back.  When I went over he was still sitting nice and close to Michelle I didn't really know her but I could tell she was sad so I sat down next to her and hugged her.                "Can you stay here with Michelle for a bit I'm going to check on Niall?" Louis said. I sat down and then I thought about something terrifying.               "Sarah!" She has to know about Niall!               "What?" She looked confused                "We have to tell her!" I got up grabbed her and pulled her up. She looked confused but went along with it I grabbed Louis and headed for the car.               "We need to tell Sarah!" I screamed at him.               "We need to get the others!" Louis said.                "No we take my car they take yours!" I screamed "get in!!" When we got in I turned on the engine and sped out of the parking lot.   
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