Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


4. talks

 "I don't know what I'm going to do" I screamed into the phone.

"Well just ask him out!" She replied "You don't get it he's well...he's..." "Just tell me already!!" "He's well...he's in one direction" I said quickly "You're kidding?!?!?!" She said "No he's Niall horan!" She was speechless! "You have to let me meet Zayn!!" She screamed "Well I plan on never talking to him again so that could be a problem..." I trailed off. "He probably feels bad about the kiss too so if you just try to be friends he may not bring it up! Plus I really want to meet them!" I laughed "I guess I can try for you!" I said sarcastically. "YAY!!!!" She screamed "I have to go now kay?" I said "Ok bye."   Nialls P.O.V. When Sarah ran away I just stood there for a couple minutes going over what just happened in my head. I thought putting my arms around her was a good idea and when she kissed me I thought she agreed then she ran away, I feel so bad I needed to Skype the boys! "What do I do?" I asked when we started talking "Wait you hugged her, she kissed you and ran away?" Louis asked "Ya I guess I can't have any girl I want just 'cuz I'm in one direction..." I sighed "Wait she kissed you right?" Harry asked "Yes can you stop bringing it up its kinda depressing!" "Oh my gosh Niall!" Liam said "What?" I asked. They all look at me like I was crazy. "She kissed you!!" They screamed in unison "YES!!!" I scream I was starting to get mad. They kept pointing out the obvious and it was VERY depressing! "Don't you see she likes you too! she was just embarrassed that's why she ran off!!" I was starting to catch on. "Ohh." I said I finally got it. "So go talk to her!" Zayn said "She probably doesn't want to talk to me..." I said, almost in tears. "Yes she does! She's probably dying inside!" Liam said. As he said that I saw Renee in the back round she came and sat on Harry's lap and kissed him on the cheek. they were so happy together...I wish I had that with sarah Michelle also showed up, she sat down next to Liam(they were dating too) "What's going on?" Renee asked "Nialls having some trouble with the ladies!" Harry answered "Awn I wish we could be there!" Said Michelle. "Ya I wish too," I replied. I've been pretty good friends with Michelle even before her and Liam hooked up, that's actually how they met. Through me. I used to have a crush on her! Now I kinda wish I had kept her for myself. "We'll sorry lad, but we have to go," Said Louis "good luck with sarah!" "Thanks bye!" I said "Bye!" They cheered. When i hung up I sighed, I still have no clue what I'm going to do!   Liam's P.O.V. As soon as we hung up the call everyone started talking all at once, I couldn't tell what any one was saying. "Guys!" I said "we need to think of something to do to help Niall out. I've never seen him this upset!" "I think I may have an idea..." Louis said suspiciously.
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