Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


23. six flags

Louis's P.O.V. I woke up fine, until I remembered Maddie's dream and that today is our last day. I was really worried about her. It must have been a really bad dream. Anyways, today is our last day and I, for one, think we should go out with a bang. Or in other words we should go to six flags. Six flags is an amusement park about half an hour away. When everyone was up and in the kitchen tent I decided to ask. "Who wants to go to six flags today?!" I ask excited. I hear couples asking each other first however Maddie sprung up and shouted. "YES!" She was so cute! "I don't give a crap what anyone else wants WE," I said pointing to me and Maddie "are going to six flags and we need a posy to drag around!" I yell louder than Maddie did. She laughed along with everyone else. "Ok, ok, we'll go to six flags! Just calm the fuck down!!" Sarah says "besides I think it would be kinda romantic." She says hugging Niall. "Oh yes! Screaming our asses off and making extremely UN-attractive faces on scary as crap roller coasters is soooooo romantic!" Michelle says sarcastically. We laughed and Sarah rolled her eyes. "We're down to go to six flags!" Says Zayn with his arm around Vipra. "So are you two a 'thing' now?" I ask. "I guess you could say that." Zayn winks at vipra. "Ok everyone get in the van!!!" I scream. "Well, that's not something you hear everyday!" Says Sarah as we head to the van.   Sarah's P.O.V. We were in the van and I was wedged between Niall and Vipra. The radio was on and, of course, what makes you beautiful comes on. Maddie cranks the volume and all the boys groan. However Maddie, Vipra and I are belting the words. Michelle and Renee are just sitting on there phones. Louis turns off the radio. "Awww, come on!" We say in unison. "NO!" They boys say in unison. "It's either the radio or you do a mini concert for us!" I say with a grin. Just the Zayn starts his solo in little things. All the boys catch on and join in. When Niall's solo comes on he looks deep in my eyes and I was mesmerized. As soon as his solo ended he didn't even wait for the end of the song he just leaned in and passionately kissed me until the end of the song. "We're here!" Louis sang. We all got out of the van and to my surprise there was no paps! I'm sure they'll get here soon enough though. We got through security and grabbed some maps. Niall leaned into me. "I totally forgot about this but, do you wanna act like a couple of no?" He whispers. I grab his hand. "Why not?" I ask with a grin. After everything I decided whatever hate I get ill be able to get through it. He smiles and intertwines his fingers in mine. I can see Maddie and Louis doing the same. The first ride I noticed was The Superman! It has a very steep drop and it always scared the crap out of me. I have kind of always been afraid of roller coasters. Of course everyone headed there. I paused at the entrance to the line. "What's wrong babe?" Niall asks looking at me. "It's just I've always been a little scared of roller coasters, but it's nothing." I say quicklyu. "We can skip this one if you want..." "No! It's ok, I'm fine, really!" "You sure?" "Positive!" He kissed me and We headed to catch up with everyone else. We started talking to the two girls in front of us. Turns out they're both directioners! And still pretty cool. Josie and kiara were there names. We became really good friends. i hope i see more of them soon. I was still holding Niall's hand when we got to the front of the line. I hesitated before stepping on the coaster 'no! You can do this! You have to do this!' I told myself. I step on and it jiggles a little. We sit down. "You doing ok?" Niall asks "Ya I'm good!" "Ok ill be here the whole time babe." "Good!" The roller coaster started to move. I took a deep breath and squeezed Niall's hand. "You fine!" He reassured me. We slowly creeped up the hill. Outside I was staying calm but inside I was freaking out!! We reached the tip and we slowly went over the top. Faster, faster, FALLING!!!! I think I may have broke Niall's hand by accident! I squeezed it until I could squeeze no more. We pulled into the station. I climbed off and I couldn't talk. "You ok?" Niall asked for the third time. "That...was...AWESOME!!!" I scream. He smiled. "So you wanna do it again I'm assuming?" Asks Louis butting into our conversation! "YUSS!!!!!" We went on about 6 more rides then it was lunch. There was a huge food court with a bunch of restaurants. I looked for my favorite place, Nando's! Me and Niall shared a meal for two. Well actually, he ate most of it but whatever. We were just getting up to leave when the owner of six flags came up two us. "I know this is sudden but would you guys do a concert for us tonight? Please!" He asked the boys looked around and shrugged. "Sure!" Liam says "do you mind?" Niall asks me. He so sweet "No." I reply. "Great we're in!" Says Niall. The manager turned around and gave some guy a thumbs up. "Follow me." Says the manager. We start to walk towards a room just as we enter I hear an announcement over the speaker. "We've got something that will make the ladies here go wild: an impromptu concert from...ONE DIRECTION!!!!" I could hear everyone screaming. I chuckled a little to myself but Niall must have heard. "You think that's funny do you?" He asks "Ya a little bit!" I laugh "I would feel that way if I were you!" "And why not?" "Those are screams of girls that still think I'm single and think they still have a chance. Listen at the concert. When they scream for me and when they scream for Harry. You begin to notice a difference." "Well, do they have a chance?" He looks at me in disbelieve. I'm almost in tears but I don't know why. I guess the thought that there's a chance that he might find someone prettier and nicer than me and they might take him away from me is unbearable! "Are you crazy? Of course not! Sarah, I love you! Ill say it a thousand times if I need to for you to believe me! I love you and nothing in the whole fucking world could change that! You are my one and only! I LOVE YOU!" "Prove it, scream it to the world!" i say. he leans in and whispers in my ear. "i love you!" he whispers "Why didn't you scream it?" I ask "You are my world!" He say softly. Now I am in tears. Not because I'm sad but because I have never had someone care about me as much as he does. I smile and hug him. He hugs me back. So this is the feeling of a true 'Horan Hug'! It feels good. I pull away. "I love you too!" I say wiping the tears from my face. After a bit of preparing for the concert the boys were finally ready to preform. We got front row seats at the arena since we were there so early. Josie and kiara came and sat with us. When concert finally started all I could here was screaming girls! I couldn't even hear myself think. When the boys came on stage Niall was looking right at me and smiled, I smiled back. They started talking. They opened up with up all night. After about 4 songs Niall came up to me. Also, Louis went up to Maddie and Zayn went up to Vipra. They pulled us up on stage. The other boys took 3 chairs and set them in the center of the stage we sat down on the smiling and giggling. When the music started and I heard what song it was I was almost in tears. It was They Don't Know About Us! They started singing it to us. I was smiling uncontrollably and looked at Maddie and Vipra. They were both smiling to. When the song ended I jumped up and hugged Niall. He hugged me back I could hear lots of screaming and a couple boo's but I ignored them. I looked at Niall and he slowly leaned in to passionately kiss me!   Niall's P.O.V. this was perfect. I loved her and I could tell she loved me. When I was singing to her it just felt right. Nothing could change this feeling. I heard a couple boo's in the crowd which made me sad because I would hope that my fans would support me in this. Oh well! I kissed her and I felt sparks run through my body more than the first time we kissed! I think I finally found the girl of my dreams!
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