Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


18. Morning


Sarah's P.O.V.        I woke up to Niall poking me in the but repeating 'I want food I want food' into my ear. I sat there a while debating whether or not I should get up or just keep pretending to sleep. My but started getting sore from being repeatedly poked so I got up.       "Yes Niall I will get you some food!" I told him.       "Yay thanks babe!" He said and sprang out of bed. I slowly followed him to the kitchen tent. I hated getting up in the morning but I loved getting up when were camping because the smell and the breeze are so nice out side. I took out my phone and looked at the time, 12:30pm! It was already noon? Why has no one woken up by now? Oh ya the late night!        "I'm going to wake up the others" I told Niall. He looked at me shocked "I'll make you food in a sec!" I laugh.       "Wake up!" I whisper in Maddie's  ear. She didn't wake up I pushed her over sat on top of her and screamed.       "WAKE UP!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!"        "I'm up, I'm up!" She said        "Kay!" I moved over and did the same to louis. Then Renee, Harry, Michelle, Liam, vipra, and Zayn. I found the last two sleeping very close to each other! We were all at the kitchen tent and no one really wanted to do any thing so I suggested we go to IHOP for breakfast everyone agreed. That is until Niall pulled me aside.        "Are you sure?" He asked       "Why not?"       "I mean the press Is bound to see us and are you sure you wanna go public with us?"       "Then we just won't act like a couple!" I honestly didn't see the problem here!       "If your ok with it" he smiled. We got dressed and went out side to greet everyone who were already dressed       "Ready to go?" Asked Louis "I'll drive!" He offered. We all piled into the car and were off.         Nialls P.O.V.        I know Sarah didn't see it but I was really worried about going out in public! Either the press would see us and make up some dumb ass story or fans would see us and hate on Sarah.  It's a lose, lose situation. All through breakfast fans were coming up and asking for our autographs and talking to us. I like when fans do that but I could see Sarah getting a little more jealous every time a teenage female fan came up to us. I could see it in her eyes. After breakfast we went back to the camp ground surprisingly no press noticed us! I guess Sarah was right. our secret was still safe!  
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