Summer Love

when 19 year old, sarah goes on an anual camping trip with her family, will she fall in love? or will it be the worst camping trip of her life? find out when you read Summer Love


1. meet and greet

 Sarahs P.O.V

  As I sit around the fire holding Niall's hand i look up towards the sky on that clear beautiful night speckled with stars, I wish upon a star and think back on our wonderful week at the Carsons campground. It all started when we first arrived on Sunday...   I was like any other normal nineteen year old girl, still in school had some good friends I wasn't the most popular girl in school. I had orangey red hair and hazel eyes and I was a little self conscious and my two best friends in the whole world were vipra and Maddie! I don't know what I would do if I didn't know them...probably get in a lot less trouble, but they are still my besties! We were unpacking our things from the car and some of our new neighbors came to greet us-the people are so friendly there-that's when I first saw him. I couldn't pay any attention to any body telling us all their names all I really cared about was meeting him. He was kind of shy and so was I so our parents had to introduce us. My heart was racing, I couldn't breathe. When his parent said his name I swear I heard angles singing, it's the most beautiful name I'd ever heard, Niall. It's funny because that always been the name I wanted for my son. "hi" he said "hey" "what's up?" "oh you know, unpacking". I knew I looked like an idiot, my hair was messy and I was wearing really ugly sweatpants and a top 5 sizes to big for the 8 hour drive and 12 hour flight we just had, so it was kind of hard to look cool. I can't believe I've only known this kid for less than 10 minutes and I'm already falling for him. This sort of thing has happened before, though, with my last boyfriend he was new to school he transferred from Canada and my teacher asked for me to show him around, well I sort of begged her but when I gave her a good reason (my family moved from Canada when I was really little) she finally caved and I got to show him around. Riley was his name. He had the cutest accent and shaggy brown hair so, I asked him out. And I know girls shouldn't really make the first move but I didn't want to waste any time. We had been dating for 3 months when I found out he had a girlfriend back home in Canada that he was still dating he told me they broke up but I proved him wrong when I dropped by for an unexpected visit one day. Turns out he was Skyping her when I came so when he went to the bathroom I opened his computer, I always do, and he had left their chat open. I got really ticked. Botton line we're no longer together. Any ways his parents told me his name was Niall and my parents told him my name "this is Sarah" "hey" I said "Niall, time to go!" "coming mom, so I'll see you 'round?" "Kay, bye" He was acting so cool about every thing and was like a zombie. But that's me and I guess that's him. I just kept playing the scene over and over again in my head his blonde hair blowing in the wind, mine blowing in my face. How could I not think of somthing cool to say 'oh you know, unpacking'? How could I be so stupid. I am such a dork. That night I was texting my friend Vipra. I told her about the beach, the pool, our camp site. But I didn't tell her about Niall, why? Because I know what she'll say, she'll say the same thing she did with Riley. She's the one that told me to ask him out I don't want that again. I'll tell her tommorow. "lights out Sarah!" "okay mom" "night sweetie love you!" "love you too mom good night"
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