Fifty and Five Motivating Quotes!

Well, this is my fifth set in the series and probably the last. I took an extra amount of time on these, and so I really hope that this will be what you wanted. Like always, they can cover any topic at hand. Please tell me what your most favorite quotes are too :) (Likes, Faves, and comments are accepted in my Dojo at all times and will be handled with care.)


33. 33

By now, I have traveled all throughout my character: searching, trying, walking. I still had found nothing. After all those years spent, I now needed help. For even I myself could no longer see in the darkness. Though I had not found what I was looking for, I had met many people, all of which were great heroes and accomplished amazing deeds.

However, when I was given help from even the wisest of them, they still could not understand my 'twisted' ways. Perhaps, all I have ever wanted... all I have ever needed, was right in-front of me. Nevertheless, I will keep searching and answer the questions that only I have the capability to do.

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