Fifty and Five Motivating Quotes!

Well, this is my fifth set in the series and probably the last. I took an extra amount of time on these, and so I really hope that this will be what you wanted. Like always, they can cover any topic at hand. Please tell me what your most favorite quotes are too :) (Likes, Faves, and comments are accepted in my Dojo at all times and will be handled with care.)


18. 18

One letter can change the whole world. Homoousious (Same substance) and Homoiousious (Like substance) are similar, but they were responsible for the division of the world at a time. Just like a mere letter can divide the world, a mere word can divide a relationship.


(These words were debated in the Coucil of Nicea in 325 A.D. If of course you are interested.)

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