"What do you mean my enemy Harry Styles is living with us!?"

" Stephanie!" My mother called from the kitchen. I sprinted to the kitchen and sighed. " Yes mother?" I said sarcastically." Well you know my best friend Anne Cox right?" She asked smiling sheepishly. " Yeah I know Anne" I said simply. " Well her son Harry Styles, and his band mates will be living with us" She said happily. I choked on my fruit punch. " WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY ENEMY HARRY STYLES IS LIVING WITH US!?"




I`m scared to tell her! How is she gonna react?!? (Can You guess what he needs to tell her?) Why did my Mum tell me now!?!



We had just entered the club. It was full of hot,sweaty people grinding and dancing hardly.I grabbed Zayn`s hand and ran towards the bar. "Can we get two Black Sundays?!" I yelled getting pumped. The bartender gave me a smile and said: "I`m sure a man can take this one but you sure lady?". "I`M GOOD WITH DRINKS! "I yelled excitedly. He handed us our drinks and I chugged it down letting the liquid burn my throat. "WHOOO!" I screamed. I yanked Zayn to the dance floor and started grinding on him roughly. He groaned loudly. Tehehe ;) . His hands rested on my waist pulling me into him.I turned quickly catching Harry looking at us sadly. I smiled and started to kiss Zayn roughly. He kissed back at me biting my lips making them swell. I turned back around my bum facing him out of no where I dropped low and started to twerk on him. (LOLOLOLOL IM DYING WHILE IM WRITING THIS LOLOLOLOLOL)He smiled pulling me up linking my lips to his.I lifted up his shirt and kissed his abs.Putting his shirt back down I looked at his face. He was gorgeous."Maybe this doesn`t have to be a plan" I whispered into his ear."Be mine" He grinned and kissed my neck slowly. His tongue gliding over my bare skin. He blew cold air on the spots he licked which made me shiver. Then out of no where I felt myself getting ripped away from Zayn. "WHAT THE HELL?!?" I yelled at Harry angrily. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!"He yelled at me his face red from anger. "HE`S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!"He yelled his fist balled making me slightly scared that he was gonna hit me but I know Zayn would protect me. "YOUR JEALOUS ADMIT IT HARRY!" "JUST ADMIT YOUR JEALOUS ITS YOUR FAULT YOU LOST ME! YOUR A DICK AND ZAYN IS A WAY BETTER GUY THEN YOU!"I yelled banging on his chest hard. My vision is blurry and everything seemed so unreal."LEAVE"DONT TALK TO MY MAN THAT WAY.'' The blonde bimbo yelled at me"WHORE SHUT THE HELLUP!" I yelled angry. And That`s when all hell broke loose.

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